Marriage in a nutshell or Can Nuts be Married?


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The dictionary definition of Serenity is the state or quality of being serene, calm, or tranquil; sereneness. Common antonyms for Serenity are agitation, disruption, disturbance, excitement, trouble. Good description for the typical marriage in the 21st Century. Well at the least mine.

When I think of my relationship with darling husband, hereafter know as DH, many scenes come to mind, depending my mood. At times, we are running in slow motion with arms wide open towards each other across a delicate field of flowers. Other times we on horse back galloping side by side thru the pounding surf. But and this is a huge but (pardon the pun) frequently I picture us on the worlds largest interplanetary roller coaster. Zooming into a micro close-up of this event I’d bet money that I’d be screaming so loud my tonsils are visible.

Truth is I have no clue how to be married. Long long ago, I saw a Star Trek episode where aliens with big dorky heads held the Enterprise Captain captive and locked him in a room with a beautiful fellow captive. Their intention was to breed Captive Whoseywzzit and the pretty blond to have more pets. Well of course, this didn’t happen. Is it every that easy? Even supposedly, smarter aliens can’t figure out how to breed us humans and any logical or reasonable manner. Why does everyone think aliens are or would be smarter?

But, anyway allow me to ramble back to my story which is…at the end of this episode, he escapes and goes back to rescue her. At this point, because the alien generator was offline or whatever, he sees her as she really is. The aliens found her near death in her crashed space ship. She in far worse shape than her ship so they saved her life and put her back together as best they could. However, she had a big hump on one shoulder and was in general pretty twisted and banged, up with one eye missing, etc. Captain whoseywazzit asked her how, given the alien’s advanced technology, she was in such an advanced state of disrepair. Her answer gives me the heebie jeebies to this day. “They knew how to save my life, but they had never seen a human before and didn’t know what I was supposed to look like. And there it is..BAMM! Is the point of my story obvious? Well maybe only to me, but the point is: If you have never seen, when growing up, or been in a “normal” relationship, how do you know what a normal relationship is? Ah, that tired old question, what is normal?

PS: This is my first ever Blog post.

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