Doesn’t Everyone?

BASE Jump from Earth

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My sister’s husband asked me why she gets obsessed with a topic and spends hour or even weeks on the net researching it. I replied “well I do that too, all the time” and thought ‘doesn’t everyone?’ Well obviously not. And here I thought this was normal behavior, one long string of searching for the most detailed and minute answer to whatever pops into my head.

Last time I got heartburn I spent 3 days researching the wonders of baking soda. Was looking for a “natural” solution to the latest miracle chemical advertised on the TV. Drug store brand won over baking soda, just for the record. Got a major case of hives a few years ago and spent several weeks on the net researching the wonders of making home-made laundry soap. Finally nixed that idea after realizing that the odds of me taking on this task were roughly equivalent to the odds of me base jumping off the Empire State Building in my underwear in January.

Finally settled for buying some fragrance free, color free, texture free, chemical free, flavorless, odorless, and three times as expensive brand of “natural” laundry soap. Natural my ass! A nuclear explosion is natural as in it comes from the physical world but wouldn’t want one in my living room and I’m almost certain there would be allergies involved. Wow, really got off track here. Hmm, maybe I’ll scour the internet for data on the attention span of a newt.

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