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It’s wonderful when things fall into place. Eureka moments. Standing in my bathrobe this morning, little thought bubbles floated towards me and popped on the end of my nose.

It occurred to me that as I write my story, for the last 50 years my story was writing me. The bit player, the extra, the walk on with one line. occasionally the supporting actress. Frequently the protagonist, the comedian, the villain, a dumb blond.

I was off-center, out of balance. Spent my time reading other people’s stories. Reading so much I didn’t take time to write my own. Made a few attempts when I was girl. But they were labeled too weird, too flowery. The main character’s name was misspelled. They’re made up for God’s sake.

Friends in the story disappeared over the years. Lost touch, died. “Did you hear what happened to Susie?” Slowly I let my dreams be written out of the story. So long ago I don’t remember what they were. But they will come back, or new ones will form in the empty spaces.

Yesterday, husband and I were debating a plan. It got heated. Finally snapped out  “that’s not in my story.” Husband stared at me speechless. Who said that? Wow, I said that.

Husband and I married with pre-conceived scripts, even if they were subconscious. Marriage is supposed to be like this. “Blah, blah.” A wife is supposed to….what? Cook and clean, spend your money? The man is supposed to kill the bug!

When we were dating we created all kinds of wild stories together. Husband played Dungeons and Dragons with his friends for years. He can spin amazing and complex tales.

I’m looking forward to co-writing our story. I’m done standing by the wall and letting it pass me by.

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  1. I wish it were that easy. Publishing is the hardest part. There’s so many charletons out there masquerading as agents and publishers and so many real ones that are hard to get to it can be really discouraging so I haven’t tried for a pretty long while now. I should try again though. I was pretty encouraged a week or two ago when I saw some legitimate looking literary agents had quietly added me on facebook and linked in. Have you ever tried publishing anything and/or had any success with that?

    1. No I haven’t done that yet. I’m relatively new to the whole scene. I read Stephen King’s book called On Writing. It has a section in the back about publishing and avoiding the charletons.

      1. Sounds like a book I need to read. Thank you for telling me about that.

  2. Then write already. You know you want to. Me, I blog incessantly while my husband mostly avoids all but my nonfiction stories. He doesn’t understand my poems for sure. Anyway, sometimes I collect it all up and find I have enough to base a whole book on. I have more books in progress than you can shake a stick at. I suppose I aught to publish them already, huh?

    1. Yes do publish them!! Let me know when you do 🙂

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