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I read the news today oh boy…About a lucky man who made the grave
He blew his mind out in a car…He didn’t notice that the lights had changed  (The Beatles)

I read the news today. There is a great disturbance in the force. 35 people killed, 189 maimed by a suicide bomber in the Moscow Airport.  “Deeply saddened”, “shock & outrage” are not even close to strong enough sentiments. “What the hell is wrong with you people?” is a weak question in the face of this.

Why? What is this going accomplish? “Who are they?”  What kind of tormented, angry,  twisted soul would do this? A person doesn’t just wake up some morning and think  “hmm…after coffee, I’m going to go for walk and then blow up hundreds of people including myself.”  It takes a while to gather up a head of steam for this level of violence.  Blaming it on the promise of 70 virgins just doesn’t cut it. And doesn’t explain the female bombers.

Was this a person who at 2 years age threw down his rattle, at 4 years pulled the cat’s tail, at 6 was killing flies, at 13 beating up kids in the school yard, at 16 exposed to ferocious fanaticism and started doing something about it.  There has got to be a special hell for people of any religion, race or creed, or any thing else who decides murder is the answer and then starts recruiting. I am not blaming them though. My firm belief is that anytime an adult commits an act of atrocity, it is their personal decision, it their “fault”. The bucks stop right there.  No matter what the reason is it does not change what happened.  Whoever made the choice to walk into the Moscow airport and set off an explosion caused this. That is between him or her and whatever Deity they claim to believe in.

My first instinct as a mother is to grab a broom and chase them out the door. Sweep hatred and violence off the face of the earth. Mothers of the world unite! Tell these bullies “I don’t care who started it, STOP FIGHTING NOW.”

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  1. TR – you’re another lost sister from the heart that feels the same way. I have had to stop wrangling with ex-employee about her severe case of homophobia. if you want some entertainment, read my comments in her posts. OH, you can Not approve comments you don’t want posted in public can’t you? Not that I would care if you’ve read my profile. Hey – if God were a woman, there would not be any wars, right?

    1. nice to know 🙂

  2. My heart goes out to you. I can’t even begin to imagine what if would be like to live in the middle of this day in and day out. I pray to God that I don’t find out 🙁

    1. Thanks, it’s unbelievable how it’s become a matter of routine or at most mild annoyance for us though. For instance as I was on my way home from work today my brother called to ask me to hurry home as there has been a bomb blast in my city, and one in another major city in Pakistan. And that was that really.. The blast was in an area 40 minutes away from my house.. around 50 injured and 15 killed. Yet here I am, doing what I normally do. It’s horrible and cruel, but it’s routine to us 🙁

  3. It is indeed very sad. As for the question you posed (“What kind of tormented, angry, twisted soul would do this?”), I feel this is really the result of years of brain washing. I live in Pakistan, and our average death poll due to bombings, target killings and unaccounted for violence during any given month is mind numbing. We can only hope that such people get what they deserve.

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