DVD Hoarders Anonymous – Continuing Saga

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To collect or not collect that is the question. Whether it is nobler in the mind…Ah, get a grip.

There is a line between collecting and hoarding. Fortunately it has a large gray area. All the suggestions from the original post DVD Hoarders Anonymous are extremely thought-provoking. I am incredible grateful for all the feedback. Really never dreamed that so many people have the same issue with their beloved other. Also, had something to say about it, and how strong the opinions were. My oh My. Everything from “LOL, that’s funny” to “oh my God, I feel your pain” to the other side of spectrum, “You miserable wench, you harpie shrew, you pickled herring. Stop nagging your husband! If I were he, I would kick you to the curb, and toss your junk out after you.” Well! Don’t hold back, tell me how you really feel. Sheesh.

The good news is that Mr. Husband and I have actually started to talk about the 800+ DVDs in the walk in closet. There is an open dialogue now instead of saber rattling, muttering and eye rolling. Mr. Husband had been very informative, more than happy to point out groups of items belonging to me that he views as “junk.” After a room by room assessment, the only thing I have more of than hub-man is shoes, and jewelry. Shoes? Ok, I can whittle that down. That’s already on the list. Any shoes that are uncomfortable, or I haven’t worn in over a year are history. Jewelry? I don’t think so. Not even open to debate. I’m saving my jewelry to use as alternate currency in case of an apocalypse. Ha! How’s that for rationalization? I can keep this up all day long. 

To keep negotiations  moving forward the following is a list of options for our next go round:

  1. Buy Ikea Shelves and put them in his office, freeing up the closet so it can be….a closet.
  2. Buy DVD Case, sleeve thingies. (a little worried about one of us tripping over them)
  3. Rip them to a hard drive. Husband doesn’t seem to keen on that.
  4. Buy the house next door, move there and have conjugal visits.
  5. Do nothing, just rock on.
  6. Pistols at Dawn.

Maybe this weekend we can go shopping, and look at some options. We have to so something quick. We’re starting on a bathroom remodel soon. The plan is to move out of master bedroom and live together in marital bliss in the dining room for 6 weeks.  That’s going to fun. Just can’t wait. If you hear something about a mushroom cloud over north Texas, zero in on Google Earth. That’s our house.

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  1. I like number two, the DVD case idea. I’ve seen folders with something like 240 sleeves inside for DVDs/CDs, so you can save a massive amount of space by keeping them in these instead of on a shelf / in a closet. The only problem is that if you were to throw the plastic covers out and one day wanted to sell your collection, I guess you might have some trouble…

  2. I’m going in for numbers 5 and 6.

    All in.

  3. Your jewellery??? That’s more than a few steps too far! Presumably he gave you at least some of it… hmmm…

    If I were you I would get deeply deeply insulted and refuse to speak to him until he had atoned properly. With a nice little bracelet or brooch or pair of earring. Maybe a nice pendant…

  4. Does he love them?Are they valuable to him?If so,he could display his collection proudly on shelves in his office or den.Closets were designed for hanging clothes,no?

  5. LMAO – hey you know rad zig, numbers 4 and 6 sound real good, especially if they involve “makeup” sex. otherwise number 5. ((((really loud happy emoticons))))

  6. But he’s willing to talk about it at least? That’s something!

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