She’s Gone off the Rails

Well I’ve done it again. My latest earth shattering discovery is that computers and Ambien don’t play well together. I woke up this morning, checked out the blog and lo and behold it was completely changed. **rips out hair** I was twiddling with the layout last night. Today I don’t like the new one at all. To had insult to injury it had a big fat Google Ad right in the middle of it. Asked Mr. Husband what he thought of the new layout. “Too generic” was his opinion. I agree and changed it back. Hopefully no one noticed.

I decided a while ago that was off-limits after the nite nite pill. But now that rule is amended. Computer’s are to be off, not in sleep mode, at bed time. I can read or write things on paper, but that’s it. That is where the line is drawn. Right there – no farther.


Comic-Con 2011I’m Going To Comic-Con!!!

Now don’t laugh. Ok, fine, go ahead. I spent 3 1/2 hours online clicking refresh like a mad woman and finally got 2 Friday/Saturday passes for me and Mr. Husband. The hotels are so full we may have to camp out under an overpass, but I don’t care.  I am soooo excited. Comic-Con is the combined Mecca for every comic book fan/anime fan/pop culture/geek/nerd/online gamer/war gamer in the world.  I’ve been told that if I live through the experience I will never go again.  So what. There are plenty of events I’ve lived through in my life that I wouldn’t want to do again. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to do it once. As a matter of fact, I lived through Mardi Gras in New Orleans about 25 times, but I don’t want to do it again. Just gives me more tales to bore young ‘ins with when I’m 90.

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  1. I have a bourbon or two and change my blog template all the time…or drop the whole database …which I recently did.

    Your site looks fine and content is great.


    1. Thank you, Doug.

  2. We will. 🙂

  3. Take lots of pictures! We’re going to have to go to that ourselves one of theses days. Around here, it always coincides with Sakura Con, the local Anime convention we go to, but always at a different venue. But my son’s girlfriend wants to go to Comicon next time, so that’s probably what we’ll all do.

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