It’s So Close I Can Taste It – I’m FREEEE

The Great Escape

The Great Escape - Nicholas Hendrickx-via Flickr

Isn’t this the greatest picture? I love it. People are so creative.

Only 2 months and 2 weeks to go until my new life. I am so excited I can taste it. People keep asking me “what are you going to do?” They looked so concerned. Do they think I’m going to grow mold on my toes and be found hanging in the back of the closet? I think I’m going start calling it a Sabbatical. What’s so weird about that? Been working since I was sixteen years old. It’s time for some play.

One thing I’m already having a blast with is writing this blog. I may sleep late for a week or 2. Maybe turn my office, back into well…an office. My desk is a tiny microcosm of orderliness in a sea of stuff.

Also giving some serious thought to taking my mother for a train ride from Chicago to Seattle. She loves trains and I have always wanted to see that part of the country. Train sounds like a good solution because I can look out the window and relax instead of being on the highway with a death grip on the steering wheel.

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  1. Hahaha that IS a really funny picture! I hope you and your mum have a great trip 🙂

  2. Trains are fun! I used to ride them all over the place back in the early 80s when I was stationed in Germany. Once, my grandmother even came to visit me there and I took her off on a wild train ride all over Germany. Best time we ever had. I’m about 30 miles from Seattle, by the way. If you want to meet there and it’s a weekend, I could show you the sights. I’d like to meet you.

    1. that sounds like fun

  3. Wow, Mongolia to Europe. That is a that ride sounds like fun. Never read Agatha Christie, going to have put that on the to read list.

  4. Train ride? Very cool idea. I have never taken a long-distance train, but I’d like to give it a shot some day. My buddy went from Mongolia to Europe by train recently and he said it was awesome. Also, it would be a good time to read Agatha Christie if you haven’t already.

    1. you know I have never actually read an Agatha Christie book. How embarrassing, don’t tell anyone.

  5. Take the train trip! My mom & I rode the train from D.C. to Boston one summer when my kids were itty bitty, and we made some truly priceless memories that are all the more precious since she died. It’s a wonderfully relaxing way to travel that I highly recommend. Plus, you’d probably come up with blogs funny enough to make me wet my pants.

    1. I’m just about decided that i’m going to do the train thing. Sorry about your pants. Maybe I need to start handing out virtual depends. 🙂

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