The New Outsourcing


Trashed Office

Before I say anything. I want you to know this is NOT my office at home or work. I do, however, work with people who’s desk look like this. How they get anything done is beyond me.

As mentioned in previous post the department I work in is being “outsourced” to Mexico. Isn’t that a lovely euphemism for “we sent your job to a country where we can pay them a 3rd a your salary, take care now, buh bye.”

Used to be when people got laid off, there was not much warning. Yea it’s traumatic but it’s over with quickly. Like ripping off a gigantic band-aid. Now you find out months in advance so you can “close the project out in a professional way.” This is a nice way to say “we want you to dig your own grave, and no complaining about it, that’s just not how it’s done these days.”

Today is office cleaning day so we are in our jeans either storing or trashing everything. Too many decisions. I wanna go home!

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  1. well you are “outta there soon” anyway, right? as we used to say in the military, “you are so short you gotta use a stepladder to get over the threshold”. peace, zig

  2. well, here companies are going to Brazil, less taxes, cheaper salaries and the rate of unemployment here has skyrocketed. Not to mention that the unemployment benefit doesn´t even cover your rent and you get it for a few months 🙁

  3. This was my story back in November… only it was an amalgamation of 7 local government bodies into one. They had to cut the ‘fat’… Oddly, 4 months later, they’re still advertising my role – at 33% more than their final, unacceptable offer to me…

  4. 🙁 Sadly, outsourcing is so “it” these days that the loss of jobs is not even a secondary consideration, leave alone a major concern.. thus the “advance notice” I suppose. It’s sad but there’s nothing to be done about it :/

    1. Yes it is getting really common place. I am fortunate enough that I can decide to deprive the corporate world of my presence, henceforth. Hopefully at some point the powers that be will wake up and realize, hey wait a minute. Other countries make at least some effort to protect the jobs of their citizens. We need to think about doing that here, instead throwing a good bye party.

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