The Horror Begins

It’s 8:17 am, and I’m hiding in my office. The construction team is out in the hall taping a giant zipper to the outside of the door while I write. For the next 3 months our house will be a disaster area. First on the agenda is a demolition of the master bath. It’s old and I won’t miss it, but oh the racket. The cat’s in a crate. The dog is locked in Mr. Husbands office, barking her head off. Hopefully they will get used to it.

The result will be 2 beautiful new bathrooms. Our house was built in the 60’s and the baths are the original design complete with avocado green tile in 1 and Truck Stop beige tile in the other. Yuck!

Our bed is now in the middle of the dining room. We will live in there for the next 3 months or until we move to separate hotels, depending on how well husband and I cope with the upheaval. We have managed fairly well so far until last night. Hub-man worked himself  into a snit because “he packed way more boxes than me” . Ex-cuuuuuuse me! Is this the 800 plus videos that drive me so crazy that I actually blog about it to the entire universe, or the 5 people who read this? Or maybe the 10,00 books stacked all over everywhere that are dusty, yellow and you haven’t touched in 20 years?



Listen here, Bubba. Did you actually think I was obligated to HELP YOU PACK UP THIS S@@T????? You may as well send me to the liquor store to buy booze for an alcoholic. In what reality is this? It sure isn’t the one I live in. To quote one of Mr. Husband’s favorite phases, “NOT gonna happen.” OK, by this time I was yelling. All decorum was gone and my last shred of loving wifely patience flew out the window on the dark wings of rage. The very nerve! I literally had to bite my tongue to stop from going into a full-fledged tirade. It’s still a little sore this morning.

That “never go to the bed angry” thing sounds good on paper. But sometimes when 2 angry emotional people are on their last nerve, the best thing to do is just go to bed and get some much-needed sleep. Tomorrow is another day. Everything is peachy this morning. A bright new day, good hot coffee, life it good. By tonight we may be beating each other over the head with construction materials, but we’ll just deal with it then.

The Remodel Challenge

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  1. so enjoying catching up!!! I have been in the midst of a bit o’ change myself. Not as intense as yours, but thinking about it. It’s only me here though. Nobody to yell at. Just the computer and flying fingers.

    1. Well I do go a bit over the top sometimes. How I’m coping is hiding in my office. I write and when it’s time for a break I unzip the dust cover over my office door and throw things out in the hall. A very cathartic way to rid myself of clutter.

  2. as usual, you are reminding me of all the wonderful moments i have missed by NOT being married……..just kidding. actually i watched my parents for many years, and if they Did not laugh about themselves, they never would have made it. Reminds me of when we had laminate floors put in all over and had to keep moving Mom and the cats from room to room. lucky it only took 2 days – I wish you much much luck with your project. zig

    1. Thanks. It may be a good thing actually. Hubby will have to get out of bed in the morning, which he tends to slack a bit since he works from home 🙂

  3. Oh dear… just remember… if things get TOO bad… remodelling is also a very good way to hide a body 😉

    1. hehehe. I will keep that under advisement.

  4. I love it….Can’t wait to see how it comes out and “the mess” along the way. We remodeled half of our home last year and everything was in the wrong room. Cooking in the diningroom, sleeping in the livingroom, etc. So happy we did it, even happier it is over. 🙂 Good Luck!

    1. I’m looking for to the finished product. A nice deep bath tub!

  5. Oh dear! I’m not glad it’s you – but I’m sure glad it’s not me!

  6. Oh my, I don’t envy you the next three months but the end result will be worth it. Please remove all sharp objects from the home. Self hypnosis cd’s might help a little to calm the nerves. Hold on tight because the remodeling ride is wild.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. 10:17 am and they ripped the screen out of the bedroom window, thus disabling the alarm system.

  7. Ah nail gun. Yee Haw! I mean, oh dear. Thanks for that precaution. Better safe than sorry. LOL

  8. Be sure to have the workmen take their nail guns home with them every night! I don’t even what to think of the gun dual that might ensue otherwise! Hang in there… just not the husband, no matter how much he’s begging for it.

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