Junk Science Causes Headaches

It has come to my attention that no one knows anything about anything! Oh they think they know and are all to happy to cram it down your throat with a fire poker, if need be. To start with, it is not humanly possible to know everything about even one thing.  You could spend your entire life and just when you think you have it all figured out, BAM! Reality does a shift around and everything you thought you knew is wrong.



The earth is flat, well no, it’s not. The sun revolves around the earth, no it’s the other way around. The universe is ever expanding. On the other hand it might be shrinking. Coffee is poison, oh wait it increases your mental alertness. Duh! Alcohol is so evil that even thinking about it damages your health. Actually it’s good for you in moderation. Now that’s a well kept secret in the Bible Belt.

Gender isn’t gender anymore either, in case you’re sitting there on your high horse thinking you know who and what you are. Being female is a disease. Bet you didn’t know that!  Ok I’m exaggerating now. But the state of hysteria, which any man, woman or child can succumb to, is a medical condition that was thought to be particular to women and caused by disturbances of the uterus (from the Greek “hystera” = uterus.)

Soviet stamp, part of a 1967 series depicting ...

Soviet stamp 1967

This is an oversimplification, but it seems to me that people who get hysterical about global warming haven’t been on the globe long enough.  When I was a kid in school it was a bonified “scientific fact” that we were heading into an ice age. There were even several sci-fi movies and books about it. People may be inspired by science fiction to invent something and it then comes into the realm of fact. However, have we forgotten the science fiction and science fact are not equivalent? Science Fiction Science Fact. A sheer quantity of theories does not prove anything as fact. It just makes for a lot of opinionated arguments at bars and cocktail parties.

What makes my hair stand on end is that we are now monetizing these factoids. This leaves the door wide open for environmental and pharmaceutical carpetbaggers to swoop in and take over the show. Let’s pass laws and create taxes to control us “for our own good.”

I am not a smoker anymore but it absolutely makes my blood boil that cigarette smoking is on the border of becoming criminalized. People wear cheap perfumes and cologne all that time and that causes my head to stop up and sometimes I get hives. Am I going to march to Washington, D.C. and demand that it be outlawed? Nope, got better things to do with my time, thank you. I also think it’s wrong to demand a law be passed on the sole basis that I don’t like it or them.

“For my own good”, pharmaceutical companies and drug stores are now in cahoots with insurance agencies. I received an unsolicited phone call recently. A stern voiced woman informed me that, according to their records, I am lax about taking a certain medication that I am “supposed” to take. She hinted at the possibility that if I continued down this wreckless path I may lose my health insurance. OK, the cure is worse than the problem, but evidently that is no longer my decision to make. What’s next? Will I have to take a urine test to prove that I’m taking my medicine? And if I refuse? That’s really scary.

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  1. What the earth is not flat????? Great post…love your writting. I might want to walk the steps of congress to discuss the amount of perfume one is allowed to apply each day….what do you think?

    1. LOL good luck. That would be a law I would support, in theory. Cheap perfume and cologne smells far worse than cigarette smoke, in my opinion.

  2. what gets me is all the idiots out there who don’t want BIG GOV but want to tell me what i can do with my own body and my choice of who i love (or not). it’s a good thing i’m old and retired and don’t have to deal with most of the bull.

    1. My grandmother used to say “empty barrels make the most noise.” Those that don’t have enough to do are the ones trying to tell everyone else what to do with their body, heart and mind. I think the world would be a lot more peaceful if they would mind their own dang business or ***gasp*** gonna quote scripture here…”take the log out of your own eye so that you can see to get the speck out of someone elses eye.”

  3. One of my greatest personal peeves is the ‘good for you’ lie… I have decided everything to do with health, diet, exercise etc that I read or hear is just a pack of lies… I think EVERYthing I have been told/read in the last 35 is complete rubbish. Eat real food, get some exercise, practice moderation in all things, including moderation… And stop listening to the sycophants!
    Ha ha…

    1. I agree! Reminds me of a bumper sticker that reads: I’ve been reading so much that everything’s bad for me that I’ve decided to stop reading.

  4. “She hinted at the possibility that if I continued down this wreckless path I may lose my health insurance.”

    Sounds like death panels to me.

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