Remodal – Day 3

Wonder What This Does

Update – Day 3 of the bathroom remodel.

Yesterday was the jack hammer. I’m glad I was at work. Never realized such major destruction was required to move a toilet 4 inches to the right.

Now I know. The master bath is an empty shell now. Even the ceiling is gone. The shower is “roughed in” as they explained to me. All I know is that it’s dusty and it stinks.

Our back driveway has a huge dumpster parked on it. A bright blue port-potty perches at a precarious angle behind the dumpsters. I hope it has seatbelts. If it falls over, the neighbor behind us is going to be really ticked off. She has a perpetual garage sale going on which annoys Mr. Husband to no end. The ensuing flood will ruin all her junk. Maybe not such a bad thing after all.

I’m expecting some huge machine like the one in the picture so show up next. I have no idea what this one does, but it was evidently made in Russia. Is it a gigantic mosquito fogger? The worlds largest propaganda loud-speaker? If it shows up in front of our house I want a ride on it!

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  1. cannot stop laughing…about ready to fall out of bed.

    1. Eeek. don’t hurt yerself, hun.

  2. ´Close your eyes and visualize your place when it´s all done!!! I know it´s messy but then you´ll enjoy lots of days in your renewed house!!!

  3. I can see where the picture could be a mosquito fogger, espically with the tank on the back of the truck. The thing on the back of that tube reminds me of a design used to make the digging machine in “Journey To The Earths Core,” or something like that. It is a strange looking contraption.

    I’m sure right now your thinking disaster has arrived at your house, but it will be so worth it. Have a great day.

    1. no one has figured out what this is yet. LOL

  4. Great picture……I think I would be scared!
    I know that it is hard to go through a remodel, but it will be so great when it is done. Can’t wait to see.

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