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Mr & Mrs Husband in our Fantasy Land

If it’s meant to be it’s going to happen. Sometimes it’s just that simple. May as well not fight it. How do a confirmed bachelor and a confirmed bachelorette meet if neither one of them will even leave the house? The Cosmos will find a way.

Mr. Husband and I met online almost 7 years ago. We were both playing MMOs (Massive Multiplayer Online Game). You may have heard of people talking about World of Warcraft, Anarchy Online, Age of Conan. Games like that. Neither of us was on or Eharmony or any of those dating sites.  I was actively not interested in dating at the time. I was also snowed in up in the Siberian Tundra, otherwise known as Kansas City in the Winter. Husband was in a wheelchair going stir crazy in Texas.

His dog, Willum the Conquer, caused our meeting. Willum snapped his leash one day and went flying down the street like a bat out of hell. Don’t blame him at all. Whenever I feel like I’ve been on a leash I run hard and fast. Hub-man took off after him, running full speed through yards, alleys and, woopsie, stepped in hole and blew out his Achilles tendon.  A neighbor recognized Willum and brought him home. Husband went to the hospital for surgery to repair his tendon. Fade out.

Mr. Husband in Anarchy Online

Several months later he’s at home going stir crazy and sick of watching TV and movies. Imagine that.  So he decided to embark on his maiden voyage on the internet. We met that very first night. Now what would be the odds of that? How, out of all the hundreds of online games and millions of out-of-the-way corners of the Net we managed to bump into each other is just one of those mysteries. That we actually spoke to each other is another mystery. In a game you are looking at a hideous troll or a pretty women and the person behind the keyboard could be a 12 year old boy, a grandmother,  Jack the Ripper, or worse. Who knows?

Anarchy Online

That night we established that we were of opposite genders and were from the same home town. We starting chatting online and eventually exchanged phone calls. We talked for hours every day, sometimes we argued. Especially about politics. A year later we decided to meet in person. A few months after that I sold my Condo. Future Husband got in his big ol’ Texas style pickup and drove up to Kansas City to fetch me. With all my worldly possession divided between my car and his truck we drove back to Texas and I moved into the man cave. We’ve been together ever since.

Now this is not a completely unblemished happily ever after story.  We knew each other at a strictly mental level. Day to physical stuff is entirely different. He strews his stuff all over the house and I refuse, on principal, to take the trash out. That’s the man’s job!!! He hogs up the remote. I refuse to remember important dates just because it’s so easy to get him going. He worries about everything so why should I bother!  We have some Epic Battles that would not be out of place in a Hollywood Movie. Although I have to stand firm and admit that we have not shot at each other. When I was in Kansas City and he got on my nerves, I could tell him I was going take a bath, log off, and go play elsewhere. Ha! Not so easy when you’re in the same house. But we are gradually working it out. Reality is not as easy to manipulate as a virtual world, but it can be done.

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  1. I met a very good friend online. We both played the same game too, got talking, discovered we both lived in the same city, talked for hours every day, and eventually met.

    The internet gets a lot of stick for causing people to become “cut off” from the real world, and whilst in a lot of cases, this can be true, it’s nice when actually, it causes people who might not have known each other otherwise, to get together.

    I have to ask, do you both still play ?

    1. Yes we do still play. Lord of the Rings at the moment.

  2. what happened to the dog? 🙂
    Yes, reality is not as easy to manipulate but as you said, it can be done!!

  3. OMG! Ms V – we are indeed sisters on opposing sides of the planets… I also met my Mr One and Only Love of My Life on line… 15 years ago! He moved from San Francisco to New Zealand 13 years ago and we married 11 years ago… And we were definitely NOT looking for love – we were in a Tom Robbins literary discussion group… We were 5 time zones apart, in different hemispheres – completely different lives… and yet – it was meant to be. When push came to shove, he shifted countries in his mid 40s to be with the only woman for him. And I know this is true, because he had 2 wives before he got around to me. Hah! He ain’t going nowhere now…
    Strange little world, aint’ it???

  4. Great story! I have a friend that I’ve not seen in I think 7 or 8 years and he was saying he was doing the online dating thing, I scoffed at it and asked why? I never once ever thought about the other ways of connecting with people online. I can honestly say that I’ve “met” so many new friends online and through networking have become offline friends. So many of my new girlfriends that I do girls night out with were initially met online. So in essence, I’m doing my own version of starting new relationships from online. I love the fact that you all have been married for a long time. I’ve managed to move deftly into the 21st Century with everything else, perhaps it’s time I stopped scoffing at the possibility of meeting a great guy this way.

    1. Common sense and a little garden variety caution will take you a long way. I say go for it! I did a background check on my husband before I agreed to meet him in person 🙂

      1. “I did a background check on my husband.”

        Now that is awesome.

        Can you just search the yellow pages to background check people?

        1. No I ordered it online for line 29 bucks. Basically it told me that he lived where he said he lived, worked where he said he worked. Didn’t have any outstanding felony warrants for murder. 🙂 I told him I did and he was offended at first. But then I told him “hey If I was your sister or a friend going to meet someone I met on the internet, wouldn’t you want me take at least common sense precautions?” He agreed that I had a good point.

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