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Sky Camping

Came across this recently. Urban Sky Camping.  It looks like a blast. I wonder if that will be the youth hostel of the future. Pitch your tent on a roof in an urban environment. Saw a similar concept long time ago in Japan but it was a hotel room. About the size of a tool shed.

I wonder how they got up in that tree?  And would you have to climb down at night to use the toilet?  I just love urban creativity.The particular tree is a temporary art project. But up is the only way to go in a jam-packed city.

I wonder how 2 people would get along for an extended period of time in a space like this. Would someone forget where they were and step out the door like someone falling out of a bunk bed? That might not be a good thing.

tents tied to three floors of city-street scaffolding in Amsterdam

High Line park in New York City

High Line park in New York City


I also love what they did with the elevated rail in New York. Converted into a park. Sheer genius!

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  1. Actually, when I lived in Hong Kong, I managed to see a couple structures that you might classify as “urban sky living.”

    Still, urban sky camping does seem to offer that view after taking an elevator, which is much easier than hiking up a mountain.

    1. Hadn’t thought of that, see the view without going hiking. Cool!

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