What I’m giving Up For Lent – My Job!

I Couldn’t Do This – That Weiner Would be Gone!

Since today is Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras, a friend asked what I am giving up for lent. I shot back without thinking “my job.” We cracked up laughing so hard we had to do the dance of trying not wet our pants. Any woman over 50 knows all about that.

But then I got to thinking about it seriously. Giving up coffee, candy, or alcohol is sort of the stereotypical thing people think of as Lent Catholic style. But, that’s the easy stuff. Changing a habit or doing something you don’t ordinarily do is much harder. One year I gave up the “F” word. It was incredibly hard and I didn’t realize I used it that much, or how much everyone else did either.

A group of Nuns I know had a mischievous priest and advisor who gave them each other as their Lenten penance. He meant that they had to treat each other with patience and loving kindness. All the time, no excuses. And if you think Nuns don’t get on each other’s nerves, think again. They are human too.

The World is Full of Beautiful Things – Like You!

What I may try to give up this year is my tendency towards negative self talk. “You’re an air head, you’ll never get that done, nobody takes you seriously, you’re wasting your time, that’s not possible, you always start things you don’t finish, blah, blah, blah.” This little devil lives on my shoulder all the time. Sometimes I’m amazed that she isn’t visible to others. Maybe in a way she is. I think this negative talker let’s me off the hook too easy. “Well I told you that wasn’t possible, that you couldn’t do that.”

Mr. Husband and I have mini date to talk about this Lent challenge thing over tonight. He’s not Catholic so this is not the usual request for him. He’s already vowed to give up Mexican Food for 30 days. His nutritionist told him that, not his concience. Unfortunately, this probably means that I am giving up Mexican food too. I’ve asked him several times now to tell me what is the most annoying thing I say or do. I ask him so I can try to not say or do it. My sneaking suspicion is that he’s afraid to tell me. I just do not understand why. I am cool as a cucumber. Totally unflappable. I neeeevvveerr get upset by criticism.

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  1. I really like your sense of humour and your take on life! Going through a bit of a rough patch with migraines so I might not always comment, but I’m here reading.

  2. I love Lent! And I’m Baptist, never observed it growing up, only knew what it was through my Catholic friends. Now that I’m of age, I love what it represents. Of course, a person has to believe what it represents to enjoy it, giving up something for a length of time, focusing on the reason one gives it up for that length of time.

    1. I have been informed by Mr. Husband that what I’m giving up is not asking for what I want and making him drag it out of me. Like the recent vacuum cleaner purchase. Believe it or not that’s not an easy request.

    2. Trying to do something different for 40 days is not as easy as it sounds 🙂

      1. Hm. That could be awfully good for keeping oneself intellectually/physically flexible though. Good for you.

  3. Giving up Mexican food? Is that allowed in Texas? Don’t they take away your citizenship for that?

    1. I think it should be a punishable offense. The nutritionist is obviously NOT from Texas or she wouldn’t dare to make such a dastardly suggestion.

      1. It is possible to eat healthier and eat Mexican food. Cut down on the trips to places like Joe T’s or Pulidos. Cut out the good stuff like sour cream and cheese.

      2. Cut out the sour cream and cheese? That’s blasphemy!

      3. Maybe but I’m a Texan living where people think chili has beans. Some of the best Mexican food where we live is at our house. So my standards have definitely gotten lower here.

  4. I’m not yet 50 but I too have to do “the dance” and have learned if you do that dance or snort, you’re really laughing. If you do both, you may need to go straight home.

  5. Somehow, for me, Lent was always an opportunity to reaffirm my New Year’s resolutions… remember what they were and try to stick to them… the usual involving diet exercise and quitting smoking…
    Fortunately I am now perfect. There is nothing left to give up for Lent or any other reason. Perhaps I could could do something like, oh… smoke a cigarette every day until Easter… what do you think?

    1. LOL you are now perfect. I’m a long way from there. I shall contemplate my navel and search for answers soon. Right after I meditate on procrastination.

  6. Mardi Gras is a Catholic holiday too… the quintessential inexplicable opposite of Lent. So why go nutts on Mardi Gras? What is about re Catholicism. I’m asking you because I figure you’re one of the few people I know who could/would bother to explain it to me and I’m really curious.

    1. Well Mardi Gras is more pagan I think. It’s the day before Ash Wednesday, the first day of lent. This the 40 days between Ash Weds and Easter Sunday. It’s a time of soul searching and reflection. To me it’s like a spiritual New Year. The big Mardi Gras party came about because every one wanted to party their brains out before lent. In previous centuries this was pretty serious business and you didn’t run around acting all frivolous or drunk. Well not if you wanted to avoid getting clapped in irons or the Inquisition. I’m not sure what you mean by re Catholicism. Feel free to ask me for more specifics.

      1. Well, because I thought it originated as a Catholic holiday even though plenty of others celebrate it too.

  7. i think i will follow your lead and give up sanity for lent…. it appears to me at least that over 90 percent of the country already has done that. i feel like i’m one of the people still alive in “night of the living dead movie”…lol – but seriously, i’m giving my car to some friends who have more use for it than me, and if I still want to borrow it, i’m not paying for the insurance…..

    1. Hee Hee – giving up Sanity. I love it. Keep me posted.

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