Awaken the Sleeping Dragon

Spooky eh?

What happens when mother nature wakes up her dragon. He gets pissed like all dragons do. Well she really did it this time. Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Meltdown all in one. The Trifecta of disasters. It will be a TV movie in 3 months. I’ll bet you cold cash on that.

This picture of a nuclear plant in Germany is really shocking, right? I thought so at least. However, it’s not a nuclear plant, it’s a coal plant. See how easy it is to get sucked into something?

The blood curdling events going on in Northern Japan is the making of nightmares for years to come. But, once the world has moved on to the next crisis it will still be there. The picking up of pieces, sorting through the muck. Lives that will never be the same. Healing physical and emotional scars. I imagine by now that some are wishing that they did not make it through.

What ticks me off about the nuclear crisis is that it is all the news media talks about night and day. It takes the focus away from the human beings who are homeless, hungry and freezing their asses off over in Northern Japan. The only thing that is going to shut the news machine up at this point is if aliens landed on the Whitehouse lawn.

Also it’s perfect fodder for various groups to fly off the rails with “see, I told you so, na na na.” What exactly are they telling us? Nuclear bad – bicycle good. Oil bad – wind good. Plastic bad – paper good. Tell that to all the trees getting sawed down to make this paper. Trouble is I don’t see many people putting their money where their mouth or actions are.

At work, we have a lady who always claims she wants to save the planet. It is her 24/7 free pass to point out the error of our ways. She complained because I had lunch catered one day. All that plastic and disposable eating utensils. Oh the horror! I cheerfully told her that next time she was welcome to haul dishes and flatware for 45 people up to the office, wash it all afterwards and then cart it home again. She declined but did not stop complaining. What was unsaid was that I was supposed to do the grunt work, while she did the lecturing.

And now on to the sheer gross out factor of getting radiated. Radiation levels in Tokyo on Tuesday evening hovered around 1 microsievert. When you go to the dentist and he x-rays a tooth, you are blasted with 10 times that amount, a whole whopping 10 microsieverts. All the more reason to shoot the dentist, I say! I’ve had enough gum stabbing thank you. The situation is bad, but making it seem worse than it is not helping anyone, especially those who have nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

According to various sources Japan gets 30% of its power from 53 nuclear Plants. So, if my math is correct the loss of 3 of  these plants is 5.6% of their power supply. Not good but not a complete show stopper. My math may be wrong. I flunked calculus twice before passing with a C minus. Hey, I passed.

Our world needs energy, for sure. What to do? What to do? The eternal conundrum is how are we going to get it? Unfortunately, we are bouncing from one disaster and the resulting hysterical reaction to the next. Nuclear Energy is the devil. No wait, burning coal is the even worse. Burning natural gas is pretty clean but it’s just not politically correct at the moment. Ok what about methane gas from cow farts? Hook a bicycle up to your TV. Now that one might not be a bad idea. Get some exercise while frying your brain with info overload.

Running around like chicken little and screaming that the sky is falling is not the answer. Neither is Junk Science. The very same folks that bought you the Coffee bad – Coffee good, Wine bad – wine good debate that has been raging for years. I want Evidence! Facts from the original source, not a quote of something that someone’s uncle’s, friend’s, nephew heard on the bus.

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  1. well, it´s all in the news here too … and it´s terrible what happened in Japan but media is not helping at all …

  2. I love tragedy porn. great post. the nomenclature… not the tragedy the media sells.

    1. Doesn’t it though? A good disaster sells more news than sex.

  3. I love tragedy porn. great post.

  4. Well, said the lady from your work sounds like the nut who has left rather presumptuous lecture type comments in regard to a post I did on traffic. He seemed to think that it was a matter of choice and that public transportation is readily available to everyone.

    1. Gotta love the people who think that anyone who does not use public transportation is lazy. Try living in a place that HAS NO public transportation. Here in Texas we say “well bless their heart” which translates to “bite me.”

      1. Have a friend whose daughter is going to TCU next year. My friend decided that her daughter can’t take a car the 1st year because they live out of state. My friend told me that she was told by the TCU admissions office that FW has a good public transportation system. I about spit my DP out from laughing so hard. This is is the same town where some juviniles where told to take the bus home so they did. They took a T bus.

  5. the media has a tendency to fall into doing tragedy porn. there’s plenty of bad news to go around and quite enough drama. however, they have to ratchet it up in order to scare people and make sure they continue to tune in. that said, i’ve been watching msnbc, and they’ve been pretty responsible as far as i can tell. they’ve had experts on who have been tamping down the fear with facts.

    1. Tragedy porn. I like that. Perfect description. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll check out msnbc.

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