iPhone 4 – Love and Hate

Iphone 4 MadnessMr.Husband and I finally broke down and got the iPhone 4. I resisted for a long time because I don’t like getting on a bandwagon that everyone else is on. Trouble with that sentiment is that sometimes a lot of people are on that wagon because it’s a great ride. Well I love mine. I made it through the honeymoon phase for almost 48 hours.

Then on this dark day, about 3:00 pm, the hub man asked me to help him sync up the new phone to his truck. That brought the phone romance to a screeching halt. 1st of all I HATE talking to the dashboard of the truck. Unless someone is bleeding to death or the house is on fire, there is no good reason to be blabbing on the phone in the car. Let alone having a freaking teleconference, while flying down the road, with at least one of the participants an unwilling and captive audience.

We share in such fascinating phones calls as “hello mother, we were just at the store and cucumbers were 2 for a dollar. I’ll come over to bring in your mail tomorrow, I hiccupped this morning, and the trash goes out on Sunday.”  His mother is not even remotely feeble-minded. This is just Mr. Husband micro managing. This urgent life altering conversation is going on at 45 miles an hour. It’s make me want to grab the wheel and give a quick jerk into the 1st available telephone pole and then throw the phone into traffic and pray it gets run over. I resist the urge because it’s just too dangerous to use as a melodramatic illustration of my disgust and dissent.  The look on his face alone would almost be worth the risk. Oh God he would be beyond furious. His face would get the nice color of a juicy plump ripe tomato and his eyes would bug out of his head.

To add to the general annoyance,  he is in a snit because I won’t help him hook his phone to the truck.  I’m supposed to help him do something that turns me into a screaming harpy from hell. Where is that logical? He can figure out himself. Look it up on the internet, for Pete’s sake. I’m sure there are hundreds of how tos on that very subject.

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  1. I’m 100% like you.. I avoid the bandwagon.. refuse to jump on.. no iPhone here.. and I didn’t read the Harry Potter series until she wrote the last book..and it took me a year to get an ereader.. I’m cool without the iPhone, I have the droid.. but I’m so happy to know Harry Potter.. and I love my Nook..
    I have that microsoft synch in my car.. and OMG I love having it hooked up with the bluetooth.. so I can say “call home”.. and yell at my husband without touching buttons.. I sometimes use the 30 minute commute to talk to my mother.. because otherwise I HATE talking on the phone..

    1. I can say “call home”.. and yell at my husband without touching buttons. ha ha ha. I never thought of that. But sometimes I can’t walk and chew gum at the same time so no blue tooth and microsoft sync in the car for me. …yet

  2. What finally justified it to me in my mind, was finding a picture of my great grand mother. She vehemently resisted each new technology in her day. Until the entire family practically tied her down and made her try it. Then she loved it. Also I’m going to travel soon, and I can even do blog posts from the phone. How cool is that??? 🙂

  3. Great post. I haven’t got the iphone yet but I’ve certainly been thinking about it. No more than I use my cell phone, I’m not sure it’s worth the expense. When I can get to the point of justifying it my mind I will get me one. Until that time, I’ll continue to drool.

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