1 Month, 1 Week, 1 Day to Go

Ready to Retire - Stereotype

1 Month, 1 Week, 1 Day to Go to until my retirement.  Which means leaving the 9 to 5 gig behind. It does not mean climbing in a basket and pulling the cover closed over my head.

I’m sort of keeping a low profile about it here at work. The first reaction I get is a suspicious look and “You’re too young” and then “what are you going to do?”  Their tone of voice implies that I may curl up my toes and disappear under the house like the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz. Well I’m not as young as a I look. But, it’s sad that the most common conception of a person ready to retire (make a lifestyle change) is a withered, worn out person.

I’m ecstatic about changing my life while it is still possible to enjoy it. It is loads of fun to just let yourself dream about all the things you’d like to do – uncensored. Fantasy does not cost a dime. The planning and the funding comes later.

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  1. Life is too short. I left a high-stress job and stay home in the country with my pups and cattle, tending to the garden and indoor dwarf trees. It’s not always easy, the adjustment, but it’s definitely been good. Hope your new retirement brings much adventure and joy to you and your husband 🙂

    1. I’m sure we will enjoy. We seem to get along a lot better when I am not stressed out from “the grind.”

  2. you´ll enjoy it!! and they will be still working!!

    1. no kidding!

  3. what a thrill! my husband isn’t due to retire for another…well..for a long time but i’m already dreaming of those days! there is a term in the military for folks who are about to retire: R.O.A.D. (retired on active duty) – hopefully you’re not a ROAD victim but if you are hope you cleverly disguise the fact! *hahaha* congratulations!

  4. Well it sounds like those who wonder at you retiring do not know how to shedule their time when not at work. Do you have plans for the retirement?

    1. I’m going to travel a lot. And have fun with my blog.

  5. It’s gonna be great! I promise!

  6. It just means you don’t do that thing anymore, time to shift gears, do something different. Sounds like you have it under control.

    1. Hehe. Love your gravatar.

  7. Hopefully you’ll keep blogging! I’d miss my daily laugh from your posts.

    1. Why thank you Pink. I fully intend to keep blogging. It’s too much fun to stop. The subject matter will morph a bit.

  8. So true. The look youthful looks obsession has been around the bend for a long time. What you are doing sounds so wonderful. It’s creeping up into the top 10 on my fantasy list. Which will not remain only a fantasy for long.

  9. I hope your retirement is just the start of a new lifestyle. I cut the work cords 7 years ago, and have not had a chance to sit down since, well unless you considering sitting behind the wheel of a small RV and seeing this beautiful country of ours up close. It’s ashame that Americans are so fixated on wrinkle-free faces, for it’s the wrinkles life has put up on you that are the most interesting. Good luck in your upcoming adventures.

    Pat Bean

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