Weapons of Mass Confusion



Ah corporate culture, gotta love it. Make sweeping decisions without regard to time zone, culture, or even possibility.

Someone or some committee on the other side of our corporate world decided that it would be a good idea to force a mass upgrade. 12, 000 employees all required to download and install Vista Service Pack 2 at the same time. Can you say “bog down the network” 3 times, really fast?

And just to make life interesting move several email servers at the same time. At work this morning people were milling around like lost sheep. Nobody could get hooked up anywhere. Standing room only in the break room. Looked like Borgs bumping in to walls looking for a place to jack in.

La la la…***skips off in the sunset*** In 1 month and 6 days it won’t be my problem.

What do you think?

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