Slight Detour

chicken fried steak

Chicken Fried Steak on the Run

An elderly uncle called Mr. Husband’s mom in a panic and in tears yesterday. He was not feeling right and needed to go to his heart doctor. His wife (mother in law’s twin sister) is not in good health either so he didn’t want her to drive the 2 hour trip into town. He can’t see well enough to drive around the block.

Mom in Law wanted me to go with her instead of hubby. She was pretty freaked and I didn’t have the heart to say no. So it was throw some clothes in a bag and off to the Texas Hill Country we go in her Caddy. Pretty nice ride, the heated seat felt great on my back.

It was a beautiful trip until twilight. Then the deer come out. Wee haa! Will my doom be staring at me around the next curve?  There were enough carcasses to postulate that we had a pretty good chance of a close encounter. My theory was that if we hit a deer at our speed we would become airborne and end up in the next county. On the bright side it would make the trip shorter. Not much to see at 90mph in the dark night by a tiny sliver of new moon.

Didn’t get much time to take pictures, but did see definite signs of the large retiree population in the hill country. One sign read “Just Dentures,” down the road a place called “Scootique” – a scooter store. Interesting trip.

5 responses

  1. Well I guess you made it safely without hitting any deer.

    There is a stretch of road on 281 where my parents have been hit by deer at least 3 times. I know several people who have had problems in the same road.

    1. Yes we did. Thank you. I never realized how scary that drive would be.

  2. Hope everyone’s all right.It’s great your Mom in law wanted you to go with her.I wish I had that kind of relationship with mine.Tomorrow is my 15 year wedding anniversary,my mother in law treats me like something my husband dragged in on his shoe.

    1. Aww. I’m sorry to hear that. Shame on her! It’s her loss. She is the kind of M.I.L. that takes the viewpoint “I’ve lost a son” instead of “I’ve gained a lovely daughter.”

  3. so laughing my a** off at that picture! I love it!!!

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