From the Pits to the Peaks

Only 15 shopping days left until lift off. Came to work extra early today just to get situated before any insanity started. A preemptive solution.

I must have transitioned sometime during the night. As I step back, I’m beginning to discern who I’m going to really miss and those I will be quite happy to never see again ever. The latter category is very few actually. Maybe it’s like you only remember the good things about a dead person…at first. Some sort of coping mechanism perhaps?

Mr. Husband is becoming more used to the idea. I came home foaming at the mouth last Friday about some stupid catty trick someone tried to pull on me. I was expecting the usual and annoying advice or lecture, “What did you do to piss her off? Well, we need the money. We’ll sue the beotch!” Instead he just smiled and said,”Well it’s almost over, Sweetie.” I was shocked into silence and trust me this does not happen often.

4 responses

  1. too funny. I don’t get shocked into silence too often either. 🙂 Is that a woman thing or an older woman thing?

    1. I’m not sure which it is. I know that I am less silenced then I used to be and getting less so everyday. Been threatened with everything under the sun in my life and very little of it has come to pass.

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