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Stepping back from my job is getting more interesting every day. Been noticing things that swooped right by me. How many things have I missed while on auto pilot. Saw a beautiful sunrise driving to work this morning. Yesterday I just muttered and pushed the visor over to block the sun. The coffee that Mr. Husband made tasted extra good. I didn’t care if it happened to dribble down my front.

There is a small herd of long horns in the field next to the campus where I work. Need to get a picture of the guys. They come out to the fence in the morning to chew grass and watch us ants scurrying to and fro.

Commented to a coworker about how beautiful the flowers were blooming around the pond. He replied “oh, I don’t have time to go out there.” Said in a tone of voice that implied he was too important for time-wasting nonsense like looking at flowers. Sad that it’s almost a status symbol to be “busy.” In this corporate reality being busy is an excuse for anything. A good reason to ignore common courtesy and being friendly with the people that we spend most of our waking hours with.

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  1. enjoy the small things of life!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It’s important to “stop and smell the roses” every now and again, I think most of us are guilty of going around on auto pilot, especially when there is a routine involved. Glad you are noticing the things that before you let pass by. 🙂

    1. The more I pay attention, the crazier my surroundings seem. I’m starting to worry people will think I am a bit of a fruitcake, wandering around giggling all the time.

  3. ooooh, this is good!

  4. I take great comfort in knowing there is someone out there who went down the road before me. I think of that on the days when I look around and wonder “is everyone is nuts? Or is it me?’

    1. I find it amazing that stuff I thought was surreal and bizarre is probably normal for the situation… and despite all the counselling and services the organisation provided along the way, none of it addressed that. So I felt rather alone in my experience. So while I’m not gleeful you are experiencing the same – it is a strange comfort.
      Six months down the road I am buying my own small business to run from home – combining working with not being in the corporate world and being at home – which is really wonderful…
      One of my favourite mottos is life is the best way to pass the time…

  5. Sometimes reading your blog is like slipping into a time zone… It’s not so much a been-there-done-that sensation – but somehow seeing it with fresh eyes, while having the benefit of experience! It is the strangest thing…

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