Happy Birthday to Me…Soon

My birthday is coming up and my darling husband got me a new Kindle. The old one died a horrible death on a Fedex journey back home after being left behind on a trip.  I LOVE it. Absolutely fabulous! There is something about hauling around 80 gazillion books that appeals to me. I’m an avid book reader and read fast, but the minimalist in me never liked having scads of books all over the house collecting dust, attracting bugs, and serving as symbols of dead trees.

Another thing I like about Kindle is that I don’t have to commit to what I might want to read 2 weeks from now. Trying to decide which book or books to bring when traveling always ends up making me rip my hair out. Now I can bring them all. Since I tend to have the attention span of a chipmunk this is a good thing.

It’s time to start scouring the Project Gutenberg website for some more free e-books. Over 33,000 books and counting, what a treasure trove.

Thank you Mr. Husband, you da Man!!!

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  1. Enjoy the kindle! My wife and I were going to get my daughter one, but we decided on the iPAD to allow her to do much more than read e-books. Still I know a lot of Kindle users and they all love it. Enjoy!

    1. I am, thank you !

  2. I love that site!! I read lots of books from there!!

    1. It is a wonderful site. I’ve toyed with the idea of being a volunteer to proof read from them.

  3. Happy Birthday. I gotta get me one of those…trying to hold out for a color version though.
    Good post,

    1. I tried to hold out too, but got hooked.

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