15 Seconds of Fame


Christopher Titus - Awesome Comedian

Mr. Husband, friends and I had a great time out on the town last night. Went to the Improv Comedy Club to see stand up comedian, Christopher Titus. We all laughed so hard our face hurt. He has a great take on dysfunctional families. Our third time to see him was well worth the trip. The 1st show is at 6:30 with dinner  before the show. It’s still broad daylight, so they have to pull the black out curtains.

Titus started out his show ribbing the audience for it being so early. Called us the brunch club.  He also said we would get wined, dined, entertained and be home in bed  by 9:00 pm. That’s about my speed these days.

Not going blab his material, but his take on dealing with children of all ages, is hilarious. After the show, there was a huge line to get his autograph, CD, etc. so I chickened out on getting a picture.  Then a young women grabbed my Iphone out of my hand a practically threw me at him. I said “cheese.” Mr. Titus, being professional and all, handled it well. I look like a deer in the headlights. We all had a blast.

2 responses

  1. Titus is a great comedian who was treated poorly by Fox years ago. His sitcom should have gone the distance, but it was under appreciated.

    1. His is sitcom was great. i agree that Fox didn’t give his show the run it deserved. I have it on DVD. My husband and I quote from it all the time.

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