Boredom and Terror


“There are only two emotions on  a plane: boredom and terror.” – Orson Welles

This quote holds true in the rarefied office environment of the almost retired person. I have 10 working days left. I seem to be whiplashing back and forth between being bored out of my mind and stark terror.

Last night talking to mister husband, I realized that what I was really afraid of the most was that it wasn’t going to happen. This has all been a dream I will have to keep grinding away into eternity. Had to choke back tears.

The boredom part is stressful because I’m stuck here at my desk with nothing to do.  Just waiting for some doofus to come ask silly questions or demand to know why I didn’t do something that I had no clue I was supposed to do in the first place. I gave up pretending that I give a flying fig, because I can’t keep a straight face. Would never make it as a poker player.

This what it must feel like when you finally decide to try skydiving and are sitting there waiting for someone to shove you out the door of the plane.

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  1. Keep fighting the good fight!

  2. Not that I’ll be retiring for a while, but I once left a job and had staff still ringing me TWELVE MONTHS later to ask questions. I finally asked what about my replacement? The answer: “He never comes out of his office, we never see him”.

    10 workings day left? You know what you are going to do when you retire – you are going to write!

  3. Oh dear, thanks for the warning. Had forgotten that when I left my previous job, people flipped out and were trying to get me to do stuff as I was walking out the door.

  4. Ha ha! You are right on track. Next week, as you are in the final countdown, some of them will go into premature grief and panic mode as they realise you will really be leaving and expect you to support them!

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