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I was born on this 21st of April in 55, a Thursday morning at 6:30am. I wonder if it was a dark and stormy night. That happens here in north Texas. Would my mom would be amused if I called her at 6:30am and asked her?

On this very day in history, the U.S. government announced that the U.S.S.R. had agreed to return an additional 62 small naval vessels to the U.S. obtained under lend-lease during World War II.  What? We leased boats to the Russians? Don’t remember that in my school book.

A UFO was sighted 3 miles north-east of Moisant Airport, New Orleans, Louisiana. At 4pm, Air National Guard pilot Ponticelli flying L-19 aircraft saw a bright silver delta-shaped object. And no, he wasn’t drunk.

The play Inherit the Wind opened on Broadway. He that troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind Proverbs 11:29.  How’s that for some upheaval? We still have evolution squabbles decades later. Perhaps a hook up with the Flat Earth Society is in order.

Joyce Johnson died from complications of an abortion performed in her motel room. Ladies, if things keep going the way they are with radical fundamentalism, this is on its way back.

I’ve been fascinated with political and social controversy, Sci-fi, UFOs, and women’s rights all my life. Wonder if these facts have anything to do with it. Out of curiosity l did some research. April 21st has been a day of wacky happenings over the eons. Just glad I wasn’t born on April 7th, Hitler’s birthday. I tease my brother about that, and he is NOT amused. Hey, my humor can run towards the dark side. What can I say?

752 Rome founded
1816 Charlotte Bronte born
1838 Naturalist John Muir is born
1836 U.S.A. Texas Independence From Mexico (Hoorah!)
1895 Hollywood-First movie projector demonstrated in United States
1918 France “The Red Baron” German Fighter Ace Killed
1956 U.S.A. Elvis Presley First Number 1
1956 Complete set of glasses including frames &  lenses $11.95 at Zales Jewelers in  Texas
1989 China Student Protest at Tiananmen Square. We heard about from Chinese students at University of Massachusetts at Boston, via email, before it hit the news. Blood curdling doesn’t begin to describe our feelings that day.

Today, 2011 I’m going out to lunch and dinner with beloved friends and family.

Life is good.

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  1. Sounds like your day was filled with good stuff… especially food! The 5 will be worth it. This is a great year for you: home improvement, got to see another birthday, AND retirement! Happy Belated Birthday. Forgot to mention another thing in your great year: a great blog that I so enjoy. 🙂

    1. Thank you, I’m glad you enjoy!

  2. Hope you had a marvelous day, and just as marvelous an evening. Happy birthday.

    1. Thank you Pat. Is Gypsy feeling better yet?

  3. What an awesome and historic day that was! Seriously.

    1. I tried to tell my mother that!

  4. Very interesting. Its good to look back and see what you came from. Happy birthday!

    1. I like to do that. It reminds me that we were just as silly back then as we are now. People in general of course. I am NEVER silly :p

  5. Cheers to you! I happen to like your dark side humor. Hope you have a day full of all your favorite things, macabre or not.

    1. Thank you 🙂 Had Japanese for lunch. Out again for dinner. Will get 5 pounds for my b-day. LOL

  6. 1955 was a very good year for births! *wink*

    1. *winks back* 🙂

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