One More Friday to Go

Long HornsHere at almost retired central the final countdown has commenced big time. Today was the second to last Friday. I can fall in love with Monday again and love it equally, instead of dreading it.

On the way to work this morning, my guys were back out to the road. They had been way off in trees for weeks now. I parked in the right turn lane, put on my hazard flashers, and got out for a picture. People can just go around! What magnificent creatures. And only one block away from a High Tech crazy house.

Last week I was aware of all the corporate nonsense and people who I am not going to miss. As the day gets closer I’m starting to think of all the people and things I will miss. Seeing my girlfriends everyday. Talking to everyone I run into. Commiserating with the IT guys about computer problems, silly users and geek life in general. The cosmos put them right on the other side of the wall from my cube so I can hear them laughing.

The campus here is a U-shaped building with a pond in the crook of the U. The park around the pond is a “certified wildscape” meaning all the plants and trees around the building are native to Texas. I’m kicking myself for all the times I sat at my desk feeling cooped up and bored when I all had to do was go outside. Feed the turtles, watch the Egrets, smell the flowers, sit on a bench in the sun. Sheesh!

However,  I won’t miss it enough to consider staying. Maybe it’s time for a fish pond in the back yard? Maybe not, sounds suspiciously like another chore. Never mind.

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  1. Less chores, more fun!

  2. *sigh* – That’s all I’ve got to say, just *sigh*

  3. My last two weeks of work before retirement was such a blur of busyness that I didn’t have time to think. The day was just suddenly there. I acutally miss the work — although not what journalism has become today — but certainly not all the bullshit. And at the last, as the world of news was changing, there was plenty of that. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy your retirement as much as I enjoy mine.

    1. I am so looking forward to it. Sometimes I get so excited I almost hyperventilate. Must be my inner child trying to take over.

  4. Come see my backyard! And, bring your canvas!

    1. Thank you for the invite:) I will do that very soon. I need to pick what medium to use first. Might go to that art store today. Thank you for the easel, I absolutely love it!

  5. I think you don’t need to worry 😉 My mom retired last year and she is so much more calm and happy now and she can do anything she wants (almost). And now she meets her girlfriends in coffeehouses and enjoys the sweet life 🙂 If only my grandma wouldn’t bug her about the garden, she could sit by her laptop and play card games all day. So yeah, you should think over your plan of the fish pond 🙂 Let somebody else do it!

    1. He he thank you for sharing that. I’ve been gradually adding low maintenance, native plants to my yard for the last few years. They take care of themselves, or else. 🙂

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