Flat Tuesday – 4 Days to Go

Carnac the Magnificent

Count down to retirement at 4 days to go.  Not a lot going on here today. I think it’s the calm before the storm. The ground is rumbling, the thundering herd approaches. About 4:45 on Thursday, everyone one will suddenly think of eleventy seven things I should do.

Nobody will admit they need me here until I’m ready to walk away forever. Ha Ha Ha.  I know better and shouldn’t laugh. Maybe I should not have spoiled everyone so much.

They are used to waiting until the last minute to expect me to work magic and pull a rabbit it out of my hat. Which I can by the way.  The tricks of the trade. Knowing who to call to get around beaurocracy, etc.

Oh well, my soon to be former co-workers will get used to it. Life will go on.

2 responses

  1. Uh Oh. Thanks for the warning 🙂 I will definately do that.

  2. You’ve entered the slide zone… watch your step!

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