Blasted Back to the Stone Age

Tuesday morning I started out on my grand adventure. Flew to Chicago via St. Louis to an announcement that my  flight was cancelled, without so much as a sorry. Got crammed into a middle sit on a later flight. Made it to the train with 7 minutes to spare after a wild taxi ride through downtown. Got settled on the train and the conductor brought us champagne. Ah, how nice. The next morning I tried to fire up my laptop and it was a dead brick.

Flooding on the tracks in North Dakota delayed us in the middle of nowhere for 5 hours. No cell reception, not even text. When we got to Spokane, they announced that the train was so hopelessly behind schedule that they were turning around to return to Chicago. Well! On the bus we go for a 4 hour ride to Seattle.

We made it alive and Seattle is fabulous. Travel is certainly an adventure. I started out retirement by going cold turkey with technology.

This post is from the Cyber Dog Cafe. A great little place with good coffee, lots of old rock posters and knick knacks. I’ll get into details when I get the technology sorted out.

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  1. Great post!

  2. This new stage of your life is certainly starting with a few challenges. And to think you worried about being bored!

    1. No time to be bored for sure. Having so much fun. Think I walked my feet off yesterday.

  3. I love it….it sounds like I was traveling with you….I thought that stuff only happened to me. I am glad you made it safe and hope you have a great time!

    1. Yep you are not the only one. I think I’ve passed my record for carrying around dead chunks of technology.

  4. soooo glad to see you back!!!! thought maybe you had retired and left the blog back with the job. 🙂

    1. Oh heavens no. This blog is so much fun. Slowly but surely. i’m figuring out the tech. 🙂

  5. oh my!! I see that I´m not the only one that got a flight cancelled and then no “sorry” or compensation whatsoever!!!

    Spokane? I have a friend who just moved there!! what a coincidence!!

    I am catching up with all my suscriptions so I haven´t read yet what was going on in your life while I was away but I´ll do it very soon!!

    Take care!!

    1. Hope you had a great time

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