My Left Foot Made it to Seattle

My Left Foot

My Left Foot - Amtrak Roomette

All of my body parts arrived here more or less at the same time. Even better, most of the time my foot was not in my mouth. I’m all for compact storage,  but I draw the line right there. With this statement I hereby immortalize my foot.

Seattle is a hilly town and you walk everywhere. I get to the top of one block and pretend to be looking around. Really don’t want to heave up a lung on the corner of Pike and 2nd. Would be soooo uncool and probably embarrass my sister to death. My mother would not be embarrassed. She would toss up her own lung in solidarity and join me on the ground.

Going to Library today and possibly a ferry ride. The Seattle library is a sight to see. A must do just so you can say you did type of destination. It is an enormous modern building with modern art everywhere, even in the escalator well. I could spend a week just in there.

My Hostel Cacoon

The ferry ride, meh, not so much, but sister, cousin and mom seem to want to go. So I’ll but the bullet, drink a couple of shooters and pretend it’s ok. I really am not that crazy about boats. I’m a landlubber. Self knowledge is a good thing. I don’t intend to call all the shots here. It’s just that I’m usually the first one to announce “hey, let’s go here! Let’s do that.”  I am open for suggestions, just for the record.

Staying in a hostel is an experience you  should have at least once in your lifetime. If for you no other reason than to appreciate a 5 star hotel if you find yourself in one someday. The atmosphere is completely different. Friendly, noisy, good music playing, people wondering around barefoot with bead head. Just a doin’ their thang. It is a lot of fun, almost too much, if there is such a thing. My only complaint so far is that I wish people would be more careful of locking the shower room door when they get in there. I walked in 2 Scandinavian girls and then a bleary eyed guy before finding an available shower room on the 3rd try. Was very careful to lock the door.

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  1. Glad you made it – all of you! Enjoy!

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