When Thou Duth Not Know Where Thou Is

Seattle Parking garage

Seattle Parking garage

Travel Tip of the Day: Do not leaveth thy hostel unless ye knoweth the way back!

This is our last full day here in Seattle. We realized that we have been so fascinated at everything all around us that we haven’t looked up. No Clue where the Space Needle is. I vaguely recall instructions to go to it, but it’s not on my short list.

Last night was laundry night. Every sat around in their least favorite clothes taking turns with the laundry facilities. Beer drinking, Guitar playing, and all types of mild-mannered pastimes ensued. A nice mellow evening.

A german mother in the kitchen with a can of formula mix, making up baby bottles, kids in the common area watching dvds, student types engaged in deep debates.Went to bed early, well at half past midnite, but that’s early for this place 🙂

Those who chose a different Sunday night experience were a different matter.  I’m firmly convinced that if one goes out for a pub crawl in Seattle (or anywhere else away from home) one should write one’s address on one’s arm with a sharpie permanent marker. I saw quite a few souls trailing in who were grateful to have at last found home.

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  1. Always best not to get lost in a strange place!

  2. I love the hostel idea. May have to try that.

  3. It appears you’re channeling Thor in your writing! Good job!

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