Last Night in Seattle

Seattle Skyline Art

Seattle Skyline Art

Last night in Seattle. Trying to fit everything back in our suitcase. We don’t want to leave. It’s been so wonderful. We could stay here for months and not got to all the venues, art galleries, music clubs, restaurants. All the people we met have been friendly, willing to help out, share inside tips. Going to miss them all. But all good things come to an end.

It’s hard to say good-bye to people you will probably never see again. But grateful our paths crossed. Everyone has a story to tell.

Tomorrow we are back on the train for an overnighter down Sacramento. We change trains and catch another going over the mountains to Reno. Should be a beautiful scenic trip if all goes well.

Reno will be a whole different atmosphere. We’re staying at a huge Casino. I may do a spa do to recuperate for all the running around we’ve been doing. Yea that’s the ticket.

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  1. Keep on truckin’! Glad you’re having fun.

  2. You’ll be back. It is not goodbye, merely “see you later”, I think.

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