Trainiacs Anonymous

Sisters 0n the Train - Reno to Chicago

It’s official! We are now dedicated, experienced trainiacs. Relaxing here in my berth in the dark.Watching the stars and the moon. If I press my face to the window I see the the Seirra Mountains in the moonlight, hear the train whistle blowing. It sound mournful and beckoning at the same time. Can almost hear the whisper “come away with me.”

Sure, a plane is great for getting from here to there in a shorter time, theoretically anyway. If you live near the airport. If they don’t cancel or delay your flight, etc, etc. The biggest differences are the scenery, comfort and meeting other travelers. I’m sitting here enjoying a glass of iced tea with my feet up, sharing random thoughts. Just can’t get much closer to heaven on earth. Passing through the Rocky Mountains this afternoon. Conductor announced we will reach 9,000 feet at the highest pass.

Mooning the TrainThe train is traveling along the Colorado river. We saw lots of white water rafters today. Seems the thing to do when Amtrak passes by is moon the train. I have to admire the dexterity of a man who can drop his pants and wave his behind in the air while balancing in a rubber raft.

To me plane traveling is about like getting strip searched at high noon, shoved into a trunk of a car and poked in the ribs every 5 minutes for 3 hours by some dude crammed in the trunk with me. I don’t get a discount on my air ticket for being slim. Why should I share my seat with the gigantoid in the adjoining seat? Once on a long flight, a large women in the seat next to me actually pulled up the arm rest, informing me she needed more room. I put it back down, enough said.

Back to our travels. Reno was a hoot. What I can remember of it anyway. The casino is designed to loose you in a wonderland of no time or space. Perpetual neon, clanging, dinging slot machines. You could be there for a week and a half and never find your way outside, or even back to your room if things get really out of hand. We did manage to find an exit. Went to the river walk and some gift shops. Got Mr. Husband a set of Alien Dice as a souvenier. Why this seemed the thing to do I have no clue. Just struck me funny. It had absolutely nothing to do with the gin and tonic.

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  1. Nice pics!

  2. Oh how I love the train! Your trip sounds so fun! I traveled on Amtrak from D.C. to Boston one summer with my mom & 2 young kids. What a glorious way to travel with squirmy young-uns. Thanks for reminding me of that great trip, and enjoy the rest of yours.

  3. I love the escapism of your travels!

  4. trains are fantastic!!!!!!

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