Tie Me Up or Tie Me Down.

Ankle Boot Planter

Bored, so bored. Oh God I’m so bored. Oh by the way, did I mention I’m bored??? Going from working full-time to 2 weeks on the road to a week in bed “staying off my foot” is just …don’t know.***Scream***Must…develop…hobby…or…something.

Ah ha! I’ll draw ceiling murals with a very long paint brush. Or search until I find the end of the Internet. I’ve photographed my ankle boot thingy in various other uses. None pleases me, it’s going in the attic soon, very soon.

Kitchen Boot

Kitchen boot? Nah.

Maybe see if I can paint my toes using a blow gun. Carve my initials into the coffee table with a nail file. Mr. Husband would probably draw the line there. In his universe anything made of wood is meant to last forever. I say that’s what the fireplace is for.

Truth be told, it doesn’t take me long to go from waxing philosophical to contemplating a straight jacket when I am supposed to rest. I don’t need to rest. I don’t want to rest. My body is telling me that I was dragged behind a truck. My brain did not go along for the ride.

My ankle is feeling better, but the rest of me is creaking and groaning from inactivity. I did not get one of those bodies that can lay around like a lizard in the sun.

Since I got home from the trip, Mr. Husband has developed a habit of asking me “what ya doing?” every 5 minutes . I’m going to start screaming “NOTHING, absolutely nothing! Would you like me to re-arrange your life for you? I have the time!” Maybe that will back him off some.

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  1. At least your boredom led to a great post!

  2. what did your dream about doing when you were working and had to go work, even when you didn´t want to?

  3. Boot+cat=hours fun filled yowly goodness. You didn’t hear that from me.

    Also, I am in agonizing jealousy of your home-bound boredom. Beats my cubicle boredom, I think. At least if you’re destructive, it’s unlikely that anyone will call security.

  4. Knit. My kids could do with some winter jumpers. I’ll send over the wool, shall I? 😆

    1. Knit! Great idea, I forgot that I actually know how to knit, and crochet too. What’s a jumper?

      1. I think you call them sweaters

    2. Ohhh, sweater, cool. I haven’t succeeded in knitting anything that wasn’t square or oblong (scarf, blanket). This gives a me a new goal!

  5. Channel your inner Frida Kahlo. If you don’t have an inner Frida Kahlo, you will have to invent her.

    Planter boot – cute. Kitchen boot – icky.

    1. Wow never heard of Frida. Just googled her. Fascinating woman. Thank you for that suggestion. I agree with you 100%. Kitchen boot = icky. But for me kitchen, even without boot = icky.

    2. OK, re-googled Frida for her art. I recognize her artwork. Incredible. Only read her text bio at first, didn’t put it together. It’s spooky. I was run over by drunk driver when I was 10 years old. My leg was broken so badly (compound fracture) the doctors wanted to remove it. As a gift from God there was a famous orthopedist in town for a conference and they asked him to fix me leg. He did, but I limped all the way through school. That limp, along with braces and corrective shoes made me the most popular geek in school! Yea right. But it all evened out. Now if someone sees the scar on my calf, they ask me if I got shot. Maybe I should make up a good story to go along with that?

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