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Hangover II -

Mr. Husband and I went to see The Hangover II. First thing; if you haven’t seen the first Hangover you need to catch up. Aside from that, this movie is FUNNY. If you need a good laugh this will do it for you. It can stand on it’s own.

The premise is basic. A bachelor party gone wrong, way wrong. What’s not funny about that? When I went to see the first one, I had my doubts. Oh, this is going to be full of locker room humor and disgusting jokes. A remake of Animal House where the guys are starting to marry off. Well I was sort of right. But, somehow it works.

Travel, drinking and the last night of “freedom” before a wedding does strange things to people. Just think of the stupid things you may have said or done while drinking, and multiply times 50. Note, I didn’t say the stupid things I have done because I am always a perfect lady. Yeah right! If you believe that I have some ocean front property in Idaho for sale.

Spoiler Alert…

If you have a problem with full frontal male nudity then stay home. Not of lot of it, but I heard a few groans from the men in audience. Why do they get so freaked out by seeing male bits? Us women don’t have a stroke when we see lady parts on the big screen.

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  1. I will definitely go and see it this week ! Loved the first one !

  2. Men are silly and groan because they are insecure about their privacy size. At least that’s what I think but I’m half nuts so pay no attention.

  3. Thanks for the recommendation! After a week of being sick with flu, I’m in desperate need of a laugh. I didn’t see the original Hangover because I thought it would be crass, but from what you’re saying, I think I may enjoy these movies.

    1. Hope you enjoy and feel better soon.

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