What Part of “I Don’t Give a Rat’s Ass” Do You Not Understand?


Making a Statement

What part of  “I don’t give a rat’s ass” do you not understand?” I always want to say that to anyone who wants to talk about the downfall of society with their eyes bulging in a hysterical fervor of righteousness.

Ordinarily I hate to talk politics, but since this my own personal monologue/soapbox, I will. I am a Democrat who accidental voted for the other guy, Mr. What’s-his-name who ran against Obama. My nasty little confession is that technically it wasn’t really an accident. I got lazy, I admit it. Due to an extreme case of apathy, I didn’t get around to voting Democrat to cancel out Mr. Husband’s vote for the Republican du ‘jour. I can’t even remember his/her name.

Oh now it’s coming into focus. It was the guy who chose Sarah Palin as his running mate. I remember thinking after all the shouting was over with, “well now, when push comes to shove, people on the fence will vote for a black man before they risk a woman near the throne, I mean presidency. We have not overcome quite yet. Still a few bigotries left in our collective closet. Don’t really have room to gripe since I didn’t vote, but I’m still gonna say my piece anyway.

I’ll put it nicely and say I think Palin was inexperienced. Then I’ll say what I really think. I don’t care how pretty the package is, if someone believes that the end of days is near and that the remnants of society after the big housecleaning by a vengeful God are going to straggle to Alaska? I’m not getting on that hay wagon. It’s true! I saw her talk at a her church on You Tube. ***chuckles***

End is Near

The End is Near?

I didn’t fall off the turnip truck yesterday. Furthermore, I don’t want to go to Alaska unless it’s via cruise chip to admire the glaciers from afar while sipping champagne. How’s that for “let them eat cake!” ala Marie Antoinette? But she got punished for her political ignorance with a trip to the town guillotine. Maybe I better wear an iron turtleneck and watch my back.

Every once in a while I buckle down and try to get to bottom of what the hell is really going on. What is the true meaning of the latest 870,564 page document that heralds a new tomorrow, a chicken in every pot, protection from ourselves, blah, blah, blah.

It usually boils down to the mother of all headaches and the synopsis goes something like this:

“We have decided to create another level of bureaucracy where we can charge $5,838 for a toilet seat. It will help the economy, remove warts, and wash your dishes too. The consequences of such self-interested foolishness, er uh, wise stewardship, we will blame on the opposing political party. If it goes really wrong really quick, we will claim that we are suffering the consequences of the a previous bill that the those fool hardy bimbos on the other side of the political playground rammed down our throats.”

The child hood book “The Emperor’s New Clothes” should be required reading for anyone who thinks they even begin to understand all this. A healthy dose of skepticism all around is the order of the day.

This is my opinion and I am perched on my fence and stickin’ too it!  Until I change it.

5 responses

  1. Say it, Sister! Palin looks like George Washington compared to Rick Perry who may or may not run this next go round. He’s handsome. Handsome doesn’t run a country. Beware!

    1. No it certainly doesn’t. And neither does ugliness. My hope is that we all vote for someone’s insides and background, not the package 🙂

  2. Hah! Totally agree with you there!

  3. 10 months? His loss. I hate those blame it on the other guys e-mails. Usually I just ignore them, but occasionally I respond like you do. It really gets the recipient’s knickers in a twist.

  4. Love your rant. After one of mine a brother didn’t talk to me for 10 months. He had sent me one of those ugly blame it on the other guy e-mails and I told him we were all in this together and all to blame … among other things.
    I have a son who says we should rant more. It is, after all, usually the squeaky wheel that gets attention.

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