Hot Yoga?

You have got to be kidding. I don’t think so! Yoga is great for stretching and calming one’s nerves. But pay through the nose to do it in an oven? Now that’s a racket if ever I heard one. Hire a few yogis , a cheap spot in a strip mall, slap up a yin-yangy sign, burn some incense, don’t pay for air conditioning and you’re in business.

But…but…don’t you sweat out your toxins? …eeewww.  I don’t want to be in a 105 degree room with a bunch of sweaty, detoxing people. Gives me the heaves just to think about it. Your body will rid itself of toxins sure enough anyway, unless something is seriously wrong with you. Let’s do this in private or on the football field where it belongs. If you feel the need to force the issue, see a doctor, Mkay?

Hot Yoga is really called Bikram Yoga. They changed the name so it sounds more trendy. According to good ol Wiki “it is common for Bikram practitioners to experience dizziness and nausea, especially in the earlier stages of their practice.” Well yea! Hello? Isn’t that normal when you do ridiculous things to your body? And sure, some people get “used to it.” But some people lived through the Bataan Death March too. Do you really want to do this on a regular basis and pay good money for the privilege?

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  1. I do yoga myself, but just the «regular» one cause I always thought the hot yoga thing was soooo crazy and to see that actual real people do believe in it still freaks me out LOL Finally someone that thinks like me ! Hot yoga out the door !

  2. Ohhhhh the sass in this post!!!!! I just tell all those who are interested in hot yoga to go to the jungle or the steam bath and do their yoga in there. Not my problem if they cannot see the instructor through the jungle!!!!

    Fabulous post! I got a great chuckle!

    1. Oh yes, just think of how much holy suffering one could achieve in a jungle. Insects, fungus, a plethora of choices. Now we’re talking!

      1. Well I mean after all… if they are going to feel wonky or vomit afterwards or have that light headed feelings… may as well have a good reason.

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