The Traveling Intangibles

Hair Explosion

Closed eyes and hair explosion . We're not always picture perfect.

What do we learn when we travel? It’s hard to put into words, but I’m gonna give it my best shot.People are all different, but the same? Duh! Maybe I’m just lucky, but I tend to gravitate towards happy people and they to me.

A person who loves where they are and what they are doing, right here right now, is a joy to talk to. They could be flying a ship, running a country, or selling newspapers. It doesn’t matter.

If you fall face first in a mud puddle, roll around in it, feel it squish through your toes. It’s a free mud pack. Some women will pay big bucks for that.

Happy people love to tell you about their happiness. You just need to shut up and listen. If you’re drinking – takes notes. You won’t remember in the morning.

Stranded in North Dakota

Flooding on the tracks - Stranded in North Dakota

You never really know someone until you have traveled with them. How do they handle frustration, inconvenience, indignities, schedules blown to hell, pain, or hunger.

All of this could happen in a 5 minute time span in a bus station. Greyhound bus stations in the USA are the armpits of our country. It doesn’t have to be that way, it just it. Why it is I don’t know.

So Mom, Sis and I take our train trip. We never discussed anything about how we were going to handle things, it was unspoken. But it worked. The biggest thing was that we gave each other space,  not just physical but mental. For a question like, “Hey, I’m going to lounge car wanna go with?” “No, thanks” was a perfectly acceptable response.

No grilling, coercing, guilt tripping or demanding an explanation; “Why not? What are you doing? Why don’t you want to go? Are you mad at me? Are you taking a break because you drank too much last night? Well, I went with you last time you went.” Blah, blah, blah.

My Mama-San

My Mama-San

We managed to travel as 3 separate adult women, together as friends. Not triamese triplets, joined at the hip. Good thing too. 3 women hooked together won’t fit through most doors.

We had 2 roomettes (2 person sleeper berth) on the train. We didn’t stake out territory. This is MY seat and that is YOUR seat. We just floated between rooms. The view is better on this side of the train at the moment. We wanted to sit together so sat 2 to a seat occasionally. When one of us wanted some alone time we just wandered off to the other roomette. My sister described it as butterflies. I think it’s a beautiful description. It worked well. None of that “this is MY flower, get off it and get your own flower!”

I’m not saying that every moment was pure bliss, and that we didn’t have any disagreements. But we got over it quickly and got back to enjoying each other and our trip. That is what is most important on a journey.

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  1. I agree!!! My mama always says, “You never know if you are compatiable with a person till you wallpapered with them” but darling? I agree with you so much more! Travelling to a foreign country though…. that is where the fun is!!!

    1. Mr. Husband and I tried painting the kitchen. There was almost blood shed. I can’t even imagine what would happen if we had tried to hang wallpaper. I might not be here to tell the tale.

  2. I completely agree with you about traveling with someone and how much you learn about that person.

    You’re on your own about the mud though. =)

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