It’s a Boy!

It's a BoyI’m about to give birth to a 175 pound, 6′ 3”, 24-year-old, bouncing baby grandson. Metaphorically of course. His mom did the hard part in that department.  He’s a sweet kid who needs some help getting his feet on the ground. So Mr. Husband and I have agreed to help him out with room and board for a while. He’s coming here to Texas from way up north and hopefully job wise it will be better than his current situation. He arrives Friday night.

I’m deliriously happy and scared to death at the same time. I’ve been crying off and on. Finally told my husband that my worse fear was that we would end up in some hillbilly situation that could be on The Jerry Springer show.  The episodes where adult children move back home, get a little too comfy and don’t make much effort to fly the nest again.

I’m counting on Hub-man’s strength and general man vibes to keep me on the path. Not to be harsh or too lenient and have to remember that Grandson is an adult so I can’t make him stand in the corner if he misbehaves.

Another thing that is freaking me out is that I am getting these weird grandmotherly urges to cook tons of food, clean the house, bake cookies, wash clothes. Who stole my brain? I want it back now!

I know part of this is coming from not getting to be a grandma when he was younger. Daughter and I have gone through long times of being estranged. It also seemed like where ever I lived she wanted to live somewhere else, and just send money now and then. Well, the years passed and now he’s a man. A young man in need of guidance and a helping hand. I hope we can be there for him and he chooses a good path.

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  1. It’s always amazing to see what people take on when they retire. Many friends of my mom were frightened to death at the prospect of all the free time when they retired. Those who feared to having no purpose in life anymore the most were the first who were awaited by new projects. Some found a new purpose through circumstances when they suddenly had to take care of someone. And some take on new projects because of their kids, like a hunting course (that’s what my uncle just did, somehow strange, but it keeps him active ). I don’t know if you also had that fear, but I’m sure your grandson keeps you entertained and keeps boredom far away 😉

    1. Oh it’s a long way from boring around this house now. It’s amazing how quickly the days fly bow now. Cooking for a bottomless pit takes a lot more time than I remember.

  2. love your blog, funny when u say that the grandma instinct is taking over eheheh, well at least he won’t go hungry thats for sure because grandmas cooking is always the best !

  3. well, a new adventure in your life !!!
    I´m sure you can help him !!

    1. Thank you, I certainly hope we can.

  4. Lucky you! I hope he’s as happy to be staying with you – and you can really build a solid relationship. Sigh – I am expecting my 1st grandchild in 2-3 years!

    1. I am hoping that too. He asked to come here, so hopefully we can bond and he will make a good go it. 2-3 years? oh my. Sounds like a long pregnancy

  5. YAY!!! Congrats!!! Do the lot of things!!! According to my mother who is a grandmother twice over? It is appreciated!!!!

    1. thank you :O)

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