Grandson Adventurer – Day 1

Grandson's Shoes

Grandson's Shoes

Well my beautiful grandson arrived last night from Maine. I can tell by looking at him that he has made some questionable life choices the past few years. He 30 pounds lighter than the last time I saw him, has a huge tattoo on his arm. This sounds like a job for super-grandma. Where’s my apron – I mean cape?

I woke up this morning feeling like it was Christmas morning. Went tip toeing into the den to take a peek at him to make sure he was OK. He looks so innocent asleep, like all kids do. I was with his mom when he was born and now 24 years later here he is on my sofa. What a trip.

What will the next few months bring? I have such high hopes for him. He’s a good-hearted kid, intelligent, full of himself and gullible, as all young guys are. He’s also polar opposite on sports teams than my husband. Hub-man roots for the Cowboys, grandson is a Patriots fan. That will make for some interesting adventures come fall. I will probably lock myself in the bedroom then.

A friend laughed at me last night and said “you know that balance has shifted now, you will be living in a house with 2 GUYS.” EEK. I’ll have to talk to my sister who lives with her husband and 2 sons for guidance. I’ve never been gender outnumbered before. I had 2 brothers but 3 sisters, so the boys in our house were always out voted 2 to 1.

Last night I tried to feed him and he said “I don’t want to eat you out of house and home.” When he wakes up I’ll have a talk with him. Rule #1 here is that you’re not allowed to be hungry at Grandmother’s house. It’s just not done. I’ll stuff him so full of food he will run when he’s sees me coming.

We’ll get to the other rules later today, time enough for that.

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  1. What is it with grandma’s and their urge to feed everybody 😉

    1. Not sure, it must be biological 🙂

  2. I’ve read these posts backwards. Even when we are grandparents, I guess we don’t stop being parents.

  3. If you don’t have a tiara, send that sweet grandson to Claire’s or Charming Charlie’s to get you one! How fun. Can’t wait to read about the future adventures you two will have. Just realized he’s legal so remind him to respect his elders and try not to drink you under the table!

    1. He’ll have to get a car before I send him anywhere 🙂 As far as drinking me under the table. That won’t be easy! I’ll go all grandmother on him and chase him around the block with a broom.

  4. Pat Bean says all it beautifully.I think it’s wonderful,and I wish all three of you the very best.If you do begin to feel outnumbered,take it as a good sign that the guys are getting along.You can always set up a chessboard,and remark about how fascinating it is that the queen is the most powerful piece,etc..Also,leave your tiara laying around as a visual aid,you DO have a tiara,don’t you?

    1. OH a tiara, what a great idea! I actually do have one. Will dust it off and put on the mantel asap.

  5. You’ve taken on an admirable retirement project. Just remember that at 24 he’s a grown man and he alone is responsible for making changes in his life.

    My oldest grandchild is now 37 and reminds me of your grandson when he was younger. It’s just been in the past couple of years that he’s finally gotten his life together. Earlier this year I attended his wedding to a wonderful woman so I do know live-changing miracles happen. I wish you and grandson the best. I hope he realizes how lucky he is to have you.

    1. Glad to hear that your grandson got it together. That is good news for me. You’re right, I do have to keep in mind that is is a grown man.

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