Hi Ho, Hi Ho, To the Infirmary We Go

The Infirmary

My grandma antenna started to twitch yesterday. Darling grandson was looking a little peeked and fidgety. He also wasn’t eating or drinking much of anything. This is a kid who can put away a side of beef at one sitting and have room for desert. So we had a little talk and I asked him to please be honest with me.

30 Minutes later we’re off to hospital. The guy thought he was gonna tough out his problems on his own and not tell us. He was giving it his best shot, but I was scared to death he was going to keel over in my living room.

He’s severely dehydrated, among other things. We had 7 seven hour stay in the Emergency Room. They gave him some medicine to calm him down.  Then he went via ambulance to an inpatient facility for a 3-5 day treatment program. I was so terrified that I felt like vomiting myself, but I managed to keep up a semi-brave front. When they took him away I gave him a big hug, told him I loved him, and told him that he needed to be completely honest with the people who were going to help him.

Demons in a Duffle Bag

I knew the very second that he showed up at the airport that there was more going on than he told us. A young man willing to leave, on a moments notice, with a nothing but a few clothes, has to have some demons in his duffel bag. This grandma has been around the block a few times and seen it all.

He’s embarrassed and said he didn’t want me to think he was a scumbag. I told him that being embarrassed is a good sign. It shows that he has enough self-respect and courage to know and admit that he has made mistakes, and some destructive choices. I’m proud and grateful that he asked for help and that he trusted me enough to come to me & grandpa Hub-man for that help.

Please pray for him especially. If you have any leftover prayers, send them Mr. Husband’s and my way. I love this boy/man with all my heart and hope that he is strong enough to pull through this and make some good choices in his life.

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  1. Just the fact that he admitted some stuff is the beginning of a new journey. Be strong 😉

    1. He’s taken the first step and reached out. I hope he heads in the right direction.

  2. Best wishes to all of you, grandparents, parents and the young man. You have a journey ahead of you, but as you say, he has asked for help. That is the first step.

    1. Thank you for your kind thoughts. It helps to know that people care and rooting for him. I’ll remind him of that everyday.

  3. I think there are times when the only thing we can give to someone we love is love, our unconditional, unquestioning, unfiltered pure love. No holds barred, no options. It’s the only thing they can use at the place in their journey where they’ve come stuck – or unstuck.
    I guess it’s both a burden and a privilege, but you are most certainly the right woman for the job.
    You don’t need luck, but I wish you strength and energy and enduring patience and will. Sometime I might wax on a bit about my theory on magicians and what they REALLY do… not now, but you are most clearly one of that rare breed. XXOO

    1. Thank you Lady, from the bottom of my heart. Love I have and that’s what I intend to give this guy. Love him because he is. Love him because that’s what he needs more than anything else. I’m in no way comparing myself to Mother Teresa, but a quote of hers gives me strength whenever I find myself in a huge pickle. She said “I know the Lord won’t give me more than I can handle, but wish he didn’t trust me so much.” I’ll keep that in my heart in the days ahead.

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