Having Trouble Letting Go

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I’m having trouble letting go of my old office clothes. And the things I might fit in again someday clothes, the just in case T-shirts, and the junk jewelry to match. The list goes on… Thought it was going to be easy. Maybe even fun, but I was wrong wrong wrong.

They are representatives of fear, regret and way to much money spent on stuff to “fit in” and look anonymous and nonthreatening. There is a certain comfort in ugly anonymous clothes. Part of me is keeping them in case I ever find the need to work in an office again. Yuck. But I hated the office, the clothes, the whole stifling atmosphere. So why keep them? It doesn’t make sense to my logical self. But the scaredy cat self is hanging on for dear life.

I feel like a smoker who quits but doesn’t toss the cigarettes in case they “need” them or the boozer who keeps a pint stashed somewhere. Is there a clothes horse anonymous? Maybe I need to go to meetings. What would they be wearing?

I have to admit to myself and another human being the exact nature of my wrongs and make amends wherever possible. I have to admit that I have no control over this clothing obsession and give all this stuff to charity. Somewhere there is someone who is starting out in the office world and doesn’t want to spend and arm and a leg for the uniform.


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  1. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and just do it…trust me you will feel better after it. I’ve left the business world 4 years ago, to work in the art industry instead and never looked back. Bye bye office clothes, hello jeans, nice little summer dresses and flip flops ;o)

    1. I did it! It is fantastic. That’s all I wear now is flipflops. On my feet… I do wear clothes.

  2. Close you eyes, bit your lip, CHUCK!!!! 🙂 Candy’s idea is a great one!

    1. I”m scared i’m going to upchuck when I chuck. But it has to been done. I know it will feel soooo much better when I’m done.

  3. Yeah, just don’t burn it. I made that mistake with a polyester shirt from a fast food joint when I was 17. I may have killed a few brain cells. (I’m not saying you have polyester clothes or anything, but that stuff is made in CHINA, and so probably contains something bad for you).

    1. LOL thanks for the advice. It is tempting to burn stuff, but it’s been so hot and dry here in Texas that there is probably a burn ban in effect. It would be funny to get arrested for burning my clothes, but Mr. Hub would probably not see the humor in it.

  4. Dress for Success is a charity that collects clothing for women looking for work,they need interview type suits.Your “ugly anonymous” maybe someone in need’s “I got the job!” outfit.If and when you do go back to work,you’ll need to get new stuff anyway,so donate as much as you can.However I feel your pain.I’m still holding on to some of my old ‘work’ clothes too.As an ex chorus girl,turned middle aged housewife,it’s gut wrenching to let go of the leotards and character shoes.That was my life,I was successful,will I never dance again!?Le sigh,sniff…I also get just plain sentimental about clothes,Grandma made me this (I never wear it,but she’s gone now),etc..Do you love it,does it fit?If not,be strong woman and throw it out.Clearing one’s clothes,I’ve found is the only time when one SHOULD and must revel in ruthlessness.Keep what you love and use,resist “ugly anonymous” because everyone deserves to look good.You can and you know you should dress comfortably beautiful.Good luck.

    1. Yes! Dress for Success is what I was going to suggest – did not know if it was international, but I see it is… Give everything you don’t love to them…
      Face it – if for some reason you feeled driven or compelled to go back to work in someone else’s bloody office – you’re going to go buy yourself some new clothes (as a consolation prize.)
      It wasn’t much of an issue here in NZ, most office wear is casual – not quite smart-casual… dress down Fridays are unnecessary and often a shocker… so no need to unload business suits – I only had one, and being that I’m the boss now, I figure I’d better keep it. Oh lord – I just realised I had a dress-down Friday yesterday – I stayed in my warm jammies and robe all day! (it’s bloody cold here!)

      1. Great suggestion. I will tell myself that I will get new clothes as a consolation prize. I won’t believe it unfortunately, because the only reason I would go back to an office job is that it was either do that or go hungry. Won’t be able to buy new clothes. But’s there’s always Dress for Success to help me out. 🙂

        I did actually buy back a shirt I had donated to a thrift shop once. Didn’t realize it until I got home and someone mentioned it. I gave it back!

  5. Trust me–you will feel so much better with less clutter in your life. Before my last move (a few months ago), I was brutal about getting rid of unnecessary objects and it made my home feel like a restful and relaxed space. Good luck!

    1. I’m loving it so far and it’s getting better everyday.

  6. I hate getting ride of anything especially old clothes….It has to be done, but it is always hard to know what to get ride of.

    1. Yes it is difficult to know. But I am on day 3 of the “wear once and toss” project. Making pretty good progress so far. Wearing a shirt for an entire day that pinches under the arms, keeps creeping up your back, or just plain looks dorky makes it easy to toss it at the end of the day (in a donation box). Washing, folding and throwing it back into the clothing abyss seems like too much work at that point. When the box is full, I’ll wash them (and not fold them or even look at them to avoid temptation) and away they go to the collection station.

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