What Am I going to Do Today?

Josephine Wall Surrealism painting

This is a list for Mr. Husband and intended to answer his ever-present and eternal question, “what are you going to Do Today?” This is only applicable for a the near term future. Things will change as I change, which happens frequently. It took me 40 years of corporate life to numb my brain to the point where nothing much went on in there, comparatively speaking. Coming back to life after leaving that microcosm of weirdness won’t happen over night. It feels like waking up for a 40 year nap. I slept too long.

  • Wake up
  • Contemplate weird or vivid dreams
  • Figure out how to use the coffee maker (yes, I do this everyday)
  • If successful – drink coffee, if not drink iced tea
  • Read blogs, write blog post, read comments, make comments (in no particular order)
  • Drive grandson somewhere
  • Putter around house, tidy put away, etc.
  • Look for stuff to throw out or give away
  • Surf TV to prove again that there is nothing on.
  • Read books
  • Pickup grandson
  • Write stuff
  • Eat food
  • Read more books
  • Pickup grandson
  • Write stuff
  • Research travel ideas
  • Play Sims 3 (OK, maybe I have a god complex)
  • Eat again
  • Read books about writing (while pretending to watch TV)
  • Go to bed and read more
  • Sometimes write in bed
  • Bedtime snack
  • Sleep and dream

As errands and other day-to-day life stuff comes up it fits in there somewhere, it just happens. That’s what cell phones are for – to beep and remind you to do something or go somewhere. Oh and talk on occasionally.

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  1. Buy cheap fifth of vodka,pour contents down the sink and refill with water.In the morning reply with only ‘yes’ or ‘no’ followed by the word ‘comrade’.Example; him,”What are you going to do today?” you “Yes Comrade!”(long sips from new water bottle).He says,”It’s a little early isn’t it?” “No comrade!”glug glug glug.Mutter something about the Bolshevics,sob loudly then plan your trip to Moscow.I suspect HubMan’s questions will seem less invasive after a trip to the Motherland.

    1. Oh my GOD…ha ha ha ha. I love it! I’m going to carry it around in my purse and use it as my water bottle. Sip it in line at the grocery store, at the gym. The possibilities are endless. Maybe you’re right about the motherland. My self imposed house arrest here is messing with my mind. I need to force myself out of the house. But it’s so damned hot, been 100 degrees every day. excuses, excuses….

  2. You need a PROJECT! Or two or three or… oh my… it occurs to me there is a whole post in the idea of starting a PROJECT, working on a PROJECT, almost done with a PROJECT… Ms Trinity, you have not begun to truly explore life until you get one or two or three…

    1. A project hmmm. I like it. I do have a giant 23 year old project asleep in my living room at this very moment. More educational than fun. My mind is drawing a blank. You have planted the seed in my brain though. Hopefully it will germinate. And soon.

  3. Is it possible that Mr. Husband is just bored and hoping you will either:
    1) Have something for him to do or 2) Entertain him? Maybe next time he asks you should say, “I’m planning on re-shingling the roof, and maybe re-tiling the kitchen. You want to help?” Except then he might take you up on that and you would be stuck working.

    Yeah, sorry, I got nothin’.

    1. Sort of a catch 22 with the whole problem that I didn’t explain. If I come up with something for him to do he will launch into a tirade about the “never ending honey do list.” If I announce what I am going to do he will immediately begin to explain how we can’t afford it. (not true) Or how difficult or complicated it is. I then get suckered into planning something which he will counter with how we must postpone it to the next century, or how dangerous it is, or some other imagined difficulty. This launches me into a lather of frustration. There has got to be a solution. I just haven’t figured it out yet.

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