Books are Dangerous

Do you ever get scared that you’ve thought everything that you’re ever going to think? Is that why oldsters seem to do nothing but reminisce? Occasionally I wonder, are all my great ideas behind me? Am I just going to bore myself to death? Probably not.

Just finished reading Night and Day by Virginia Woolf. It was a morbidly fascinating roller coaster ride, an emotional orgy. My final thought was “My God, if that is what went on in that poor woman’s brain 24/7 it’s no wonder she walked into a river with rocks in her pocket. It must have been exhausting. The book just…ended… No tidy wrap up, not resolution, no happily every after or final tragedy. Just endless emotional upheaval, and never-ending, gut wrenching introspection, probably until the end of all lives in the book. If it hadn’t been on Kindle I would have thrown it across the room.

Now I’m in a temporary canoodle of obsession. Am I thinking too much, not enough. What I think today is I’m going to be more careful researching the life of an author before reading one of the “classics.”

When I read a book that causes an overall negative effect on my emotional stability it always turns out the author lived a miserable life, was an alcoholic, died penniless in a flophouse, committed suicide, or some other tragic state of existence. Hemingway has this effect. I tried to like his books but I always ended up sad or angry or both by the end of the book.

I can see why people think books are dangerous. They can be wonderful too. I just need to be more selective about what I put in my brain.

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  1. get a great chick lit like the bridget jones diary or something light and girly LOL Nothing better to make you laugh !

    1. Bridget Jones is fun 🙂

  2. One’s dreams are limitless, the little gets done is yet many folds lesser than what one put’s his mind into doing…still, we’re dreamers, and all we really know is a interpretation of a perception.

  3. I’ve never been able to read “The Hobbit” – or any of his other books! The detail drives me insane. I know not not to touch the book above – I know from reading your assessment I would feel the same!

    1. Read the Hobbit when I was 12, back then it was fascinating stuff. Especially since I tended to do most of my reading up a tree in the yard. The movies bore me to tears, when they aren’t grossing me out. I walked out of the Lord of the Rings half way through the movie. Considered sacrilege to Hobbit enthusiasts.

  4. Ooooh, I never watch the news — too depressing. I’m blissfully uninformed. I hate when a book leaves me with that desolate feeling, but I suppose that’s the essence of the power of books.

    1. I rarely watch it. With Mr. Husband as the resident news addict, I can count on him to tell me the latest gory details whether I want to know of not.

  5. I feel the same way about the news.

    1. As do I, why pay to go to a horror movie when we can watch the news for free.

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