Amy Winehouse RIP

Amy Winehouse RIP

Well, another musician has gone to Rock n Roll heaven. It’s a crying shame, in my opinion. I know many have voiced sentiments to the tune of “so what if another rich, spoiled brat celebrity overdoses?”  The fact that anyone dies from a drug overdose is a big deal.

Ladies and gentlemen, addiction sucks the big one! I’m not going to get into an argument of whether addiction is a disease, a moral weakness, or indication of possession by demons. No one really knows the answer. When someone dies from drug abuse it is a tragic death, regardless.

Amy Winehouse is dead. She was a human being, with a huge monkey on her back. As a celebrity she could pretty much do or get whatever she wanted or thought she needed, with little or no reality check. She took advantage of this and paid the ultimate price.

To me drug addiction is a curse. There are several with this curse in my own family. I’ve watched them struggle with it for decades. None of them have died from it…yet. There are times when I tried to talk myself into detaching to protect myself from the pain. But that doesn’t work.

I lived in New Orleans for over 20 years. For much of that time I worked the night scene. Almost everyone I knew from back in the day is dead now. All directly or indirectly from drug related violence. I visited friends dying in a hospice from Aids caught from by sharing needles. Went to a funeral of a beautiful woman, with a heart of gold, shot in the head on the stairs of her apartment building by a dealer. My brother in the neurology ward of a hospital with possible permanent brain damage from taking a fall while drunk out his mind. My mother transforming from an intelligent, articulate conversationalist to a slurring, cursing sot on a regular basis. My beautiful daughter lost in her own personal nightmare of drug addiction and all that accompanies it.

It’s a miracle I lived through all of this myself just from wandering around the French Quarter at night while all this craziness went down. But, most people who die from drug or alcohol abuse don’t go out in a blaze of gunfire or a quick overdose. They spend decades spiraling downwards into degradation, poverty, and a slow death. For the people who love them and watch this, it is a slow torture that is beyond my capacity to put into words. But I’m giving it my best shot today.

Miss Winehouse, rest in peace. I shed a tear for you today and for all those fighting addiction and the family and friends who love them.

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  1. I don’t know what to say abouyt Ms. Winehouse, may she rest in peace.

  2. I agree with pinkunderbelly. Nothing to add.

  3. such a loss

    1. Yes it is a loss. So sad that people view the death of an addict as “deserved.”

  4. Thanks for that. I’ve read so many smarmy, ignorant comments I was feeling ready to lash out at the next moronic, self-satisfied ignoramus trumpeting their moral superiority…

    1. You are most welcome. I was ready to spin off in a rage from all the comments “smarmy, self satisfied,…ignoramuses.” Just had to join the fray.

  5. Addiction is such a thieving destroyer, steals one’s life and then slowly or quickly destroys it. I could go on and on. Good post.

    1. So true. Sometimes I wonder if quick would be better. But I’d much rather a recovery happen.

  6. I admire anyone who does their own dental work,she cracked a tooth once and pulled it herself.She never struck me as the spoiled brat type a la’ Paris or Lyndsay,she seemed reasonably humble for a star.Poor little thing,she had such a big velvet voice.

    1. Good Lord, I didn’t know she pulled own tooth. Her voice was wonderful. Still is. I hate it that she left so soon.

  7. Nice way of discussing a troubled person and her demise. I wasn’t familiar with Amy, she’s of my son’s generation, so to speak. But, based on your own life experiences, I can see where your empathy comes from. I think everyone at some level is searching. There comes a time when we all ask “Is this all there is?” Some people take the road Amy took and, unfortunately members of your family and your friends went down. I’ve only known a few that chose that road. After more then 50 years of business (beginning at 12), the recording industry and publishing industry, I’ve asked that question too many times. I chose another road, the road of downsizing, simplicity, minimalism and FREEDOM. I’ve never been freer or happier since I began my “living free” odyssey 2 1/2 years ago and I hope others choose this route. The road is so much smoother and fulfilling then the other road. Thanks for helping me look at Amy’s life from a different perspective.

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