56 Things I’ve Learned In Life – So Far

I’m always stumbling across blogs listing things the author has learned so far. They are always interesting and usually match with the years they have been on earth.  Decided it would fun to make my own list so here goes.

56 things I’ve learned in life – So far:

1. Life is not a dress rehearsal – get out there and live it

2. I’m not always right, in fact far from it.

3. You can pantomime almost any physical ailment for which you need medicine in a foreign pharmacy. And get a good laugh in the process.

4. Drink lots of water. It doesn’t have to come out of a bottle.

5. Don’t fear coffee and chocolate. They are gifts from God.

6. The word is not even half as scary as the evening news would have you think.

7. Do not take travel advice and warnings from those who rarely or never travel. It’s amazing how much they want to give it to you.

8. Let it go. A hundred years from now it won’t matter any.

9. Expensive moisturizers don’t necessarily work any better than cheap ones.

10. Delete the concept of “act your age” from your reality. It’s a vicious trap.

11. Let the cat play outside. Let your kids play outside. You can’t keep every living thing safe.

12. “For their own good” has been the perpetrator of much suffering in the world.

13. Pack light.

14. Don’t sass a customs agent.

15. The harder you hang onto something the quicker you’ll lose it.

16. People rarely really want your advice. Even when they ask for it. Just let them talk.

17. Travel a lot. It doesn’t have to be fancy.

18. Read good books, lots of them.

19. You won’t die if you have to skip a shower now and then.

20. It is humanly possible to wear a pair of socks 2 days in a row without going to jail.

21. It’s OK to change your mind

22. It’s OK to change it back.

23. It’s OK to make a fool of yourself.

24. Laugh a lot, laugh often

25. Laugh at yourself.

26. Don’t wear shorts in a Mexican border town.

27. Pee whenever you get the chance. Nobody ever actually died from getting grossed out.

28. Everything is temporary. Remember this when you are so miserable you wish you were dead.

29. Never leave a drink unattended. Even if you have to clench it in your teeth while squatting.

30. If you get sick, just ride it out. Enjoy a temporary period of sloth. Don’t waste your time trying to figure out the cosmic significance.

31. If you’re not sure what to say. Keep your mouth shut. (l learned this the hard way)

32. Pick your battles. It’s not realistic to expect to never have any.

33. When in a foreign city. Speak in simple words, don’t shout. People who don’t speak your language are not deaf or stupid.

34. Don’t be embarrassed to be a tourist. You’re not fooling anyone anyway.

35. Avoid whining and complaining. Unless you want to see what facial expression goes along with “I want to kill you.”

36. If you can’t sleep, get up. Tossing and turning won’t do you a bit of good.

37. Walk a lot.

38. You are responsible for your own happiness.

39. You are not responsible for the happiness of others.

40. Write it down if you want to remember it. Remembering where you wrote it down is tricky.

41. Avoid black and white, right or wrong opinions, they will give you heartburn.

42. You don’t have to have all the answers, even one.

43. It’s OK to say “I don’t know” It’s OK to not care that you don’t know.

44. Enjoy mother nature – visit her frequently.

45. Watch sunsets and sunrises often. Doesn’t have to be on the same day.

46. Things rarely happen exactly as planned.

47. Marriage is not the beginning or end of your life.

48. Respect your spouse even when you don’t agree with them. Even if this happens often.

49. Talk about your dreams. Woe be it to those who rain on your parade.

50. Nothing is too outrageous to fantasize about it.

51. Don’t care too much about what you look like. You don’t have to look at yourself much of the time anyway.

52. Wear comfortable shoes.

53. It’s OK to be bored or lonely. Just don’t make a habit of it.

54. Eat what the locals eat.

55. Don’t ask too many questions about ingredients of food. You might not want to know.

56. Always brink a bottle opener with you.

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  1. Absolutely loved this blog !

    1. Thank you so much. Glad you enjoy.

  2. I love this list! I started to write dow my favs, but I like them all!

  3. You sound pretty brilliant to me!

    1. LOL I can almost feel my head swelling.

  4. #28 is going to be my mantra today.

    1. Awww. Big huggs.

  5. you learnt a good deal of things, some of them I learnt myself in life school … we are wiser now, aren´t we?

    1. The school of life is so much more fun that traditional school. And sometimes less expensive.

  6. Good list. Must be the week for it, as another of my visits had a list of 50 ways to lighten up witch was pretty good too. http://cdque.wordpress.com/2011/08/15/50-ways-to-lighten-up/

    1. that was is a fun list. thanks for sharing.

  7. So I hate lists too but loved this one, as much for it’s slightly rebellious tone as it’s practicality. Favorites are 3, 6 and 12!

    1. I’m glad I kept it down to only slightly rebellious 🙂

  8. Love the list! Super!

  9. So since I’m 72, I only have to come up with 16 more. Is that right. You seem to have already covered my first 56. Thanks for reminding me why I love life and laughing.

    1. Yep, only 16 more. I plan to add one every year.

  10. Well I like your list. especially #’s 5,13,39 and 47. Sounds like a lottery ticket!

    1. Thank’s, Kate.

  11. I LOVE lists! I make them and lose them all the time. But in the making of them, I do tend to be able to recall at least a couple of things that were on the list. However, normally I don’t like other people’s lists… but this one was great!! I can so totally relate to each of the 56 items on there. Don’t you just wish people would “get it”? I think it takes most people a lifetime to really realize what life is all about… and then the old cliche “and then you die” pretty much applies. Wish I could have been one of the few that “got it” right from the get-go of adulthood. Alas.

    1. I make lists, loose them, and then find them years later. Frequently I can’t figure out what they meant.

  12. That’s great! I especially like number 2. Had a hard time to learn that too 😉 Then number 9, I just recently switched to Nivea creme instead of the expensive creme I used, can’t detect a difference … Number 27, I tend to search for toilets in places where there’s nothing 😉 31 is very important! 34 and 40, and then 56 is golden! You should become a political adviser, your list applies to just anything and everything!

    1. A political adviser? LOL. I would have to rush Mr. Husband to the hospital because he would be laughing so hard he would have a stroke.

      1. It’s not absurd to me 🙂 Maybe you should keep this suggestion in stock for when he needs to have a good laugh!

      2. I will … but I’ll have to ease into it. He gets scared when we talk politics because I don’t buy in to his views.

  13. #57 Brink;always bring-drink!

    1. OHhh, good one 🙂

  14. I have decided that I hate lists, especially lists of things you should do – regardless of the reason; that provide shortcuts to instant success; or detail wisdom acquired.

    Quite often I don’t don’t disagree in fact or principle with the points made there, but there is something about lists, especially short, sharp moronic lists that rub me wrong. A couple of points in and I am doing battle, mentally contradicting, disagreeing and becoming quite ornery on the inside whilst I appear to be quietly reading on the outside…

    So. I hate your list, though it is thankfully not short and moronic. if I had to make such a list myself it would probably be very much like your list. But I wouldn’t…

    Come on – add a harp. Or an orchestra. Deliver the Desiderata according to Trinity… OK – I am off now, not sure if I am overworked or underworked. don’t you dare make a list of suggestions as to how to cope!

    1. Oh my goodness woman. You have worked yourself into sort of fugue state. I’m gonna send you an e-mail!

      Now I’m gonna have that song “you are a child of the universe” song stuck in my head all day. But first I’m to put my bottle opener in my dopp kit.

      1. Can I change my user name to Desiderata?(After I read it all the way through!)Perhaps Titirangi is just over certain people’s personal life RULES that claim to be friendly to-do life lists,that mainly only apply to the author?Just a guess.

      2. you could change your name but keep in mind it’s really hard to change your name on a passport 🙂 We still have to get to Berlin.

      3. Okay – Desiderata was a bad choice… Perhaps a take on Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s “How Do I Love Thee?”

        And I’ve never been to Berlin. I wish I could tag along. When are you going???

      4. I plan to go as soon as I can scrounge up some traveling companions 🙂

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