Cold Feet and 2nd Thoughts be Damned – Full Speed Ahead!

Gothic Nightmares

Yesterday, Mr. Husband and I went shopping and bought a tent and 2 sleeping bags. On the way home we stopped at the bookstore and bought travel books. Then home, lunch and a good hearty argument for desert that lasted a while. Evidently, we had some festering issues to air out. Washing everything in a gallon or two of tears always works for me.

We eventually became exhausted from this silly endeavor and collapsed in bed, rested for a while and squabbled some more. The upshot of all this is that he “worries” when I’m gone. I’m going to interpret this as he will miss me. I used to view it as him thinking that I can’t be trusted to navigate my way out of a soggy paper bag without some sort of calamity

To cheer ourselves up we went out to dinner just the 2 of us, no grandson. He’s 23 after all and should be able to feed himself on occasion. Our destination – a fabulous seafood restaurant, Vincent’s, here in Big D. It’s where we went on our first date. So romantical. We get a good laugh because we are always the youngest couple there. Youngsters just don’t appreciate good seafood and there is no TV in there. After wards we went to a sports-camping type store and bought a book of road maps.

Unfortunately, right before I went to bed I developed an extreme case of self-doubt and the starting singing the “who do you think you are” blues. It’s a long trip, I will have a melt down. I’m not up to this, what was I thinking? I wasn’t thinking at all. Yada Yada.

All this self talk invaded my dreams and turned it into the nightmare, wild ride, merry-go-round from hell. There were monsters on the ceiling, monsters under the bed, monsters knocking things off my nightstand. I got lost in Tennessee, took a wrong turn, and ended up in Libya. Tarried too long in a greasy spoon and when we came out the truck was up on blocks with all 4 tires gone. In a storm our tent collapsed with us in it, turning us into a burrito that rolled down a hill into a raging stream and we were washed out to sea. Never mind that our tent was 400 miles inland at the time. Anything can happen in a dream.

All of this nonsense exhausted me so much that I ended up sleeping until 10:00 am. That’s really late for me. I’m usually up with the birds.

I realize once again that I am human and just as prone to fears as the next person. I just have to refuse to let them paralyze me and stop me from doing what I dream of doing. Tally Ho!

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  1. What an awful dream! I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful trip! And I’m sure you won’t end up in Libya.

    1. Thank you. I certainly hope not. How would I explain that to Mr. Husband.

  2. fears, we all have.
    but don´t let them stop you

    1. there are not going to stop me. but I’ve had a few restless nights 🙂

  3. Dreams are indeed wonky things. But they help us in one way or another!!!!

    I do hope your trip is lovely and you share some pictures!!!

    1. Thanks, I intend to take lots of pictures 🙂

  4. You could always invite Mr H to come with you. In fact, you could make a habit of inviting him to come with you. I think that might cure his anxieties, especially if he came along on one of these adventures once…

    Mr HoT would be terrified of spending even a few days with me and one of my kids/friends 24/7… It’s best when we travel together just the two of us or he stays home…

    1. I did invite him. He claims that he thinks Mr. Grandson and I need alone time. Maybe he’ll come around.

  5. I suppose the youngsters would have to hope for something fried and smuggle in their iPhones in order to truly appreciate the experience.

  6. Stiff upper lip, old chap! 🙂

    1. LOL maybe I’ll get my upper lip waxed and tell them to leave the wax on.

  7. Once more unto the breach, right? Full steam ahead!

    1. Indeed!

      Straining upon the start. The game’s afoot:
      Follow your spirit, and upon this charge
      Cry ‘God for Harry, England, and Saint George!

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