All Aboard the Magic Bus

Yellowstone Park really is Yellow

The magic yellow tour bus showed up at our campground at 8:00 am. It was a crispy 32 degrees, but our guide was dressed in shorts and a short-sleeved shirt. He assured us it would warm up later. Away we go Yellowstone National Park. I was psyched, this was on my bucket list. Been dreaming of seeing Old Faithful all my life.

The first thing on the agenda was the boiling hot springs and the mud pots. The mud pots confirmed my decision to give up cooking. The boiling, bubbling mud looked remarkable like the results of my efforts in the kitchen. Fascinating, exotic, but not something I want on a dinner plate.

The springs were something you have to see for yourself. A beautiful aqua blue, with a mist coming off them. If you didn’t know any better you would climb in one with a glass of wine. Thank God for warning signs. The guide informed us that they were 11 million degrees and we would get instant 3rd degree burns on 100% of our body and receive honorary mention in the Darwin Awards if we did so. I guess if someone tried to do the wild thing with a partner  in there they would get a whole chapter.

We got double lucky at Old Faithful. He was going off right when we got there. We walked around the hotel, gift shop and had a great lunch looking out over geyser. When we were finished we walked back over to the hotel and went out to the balcony for the 2nd act. There was a charming European couple sitting next to us. They were having a lively discussion about the geyser, pronouncing it geee -zer, as in a grumpy old man.

Back to the bus and on to more beautiful sites. Waterfalls, a canyon of incredible variety of yellows. We saw buffalo, buffalo and more buffalo. Saw a bald eagle, but he declined to be photographed. The bus had to stop because of elk in the road. Took several pictures of them from the window of the bus. There was such a crowd outside that I didn’t want to exit the bus for fear of getting lost in the crowd.

It was wonderful day. By the time we got back to camp my photo finger was exhausted. I will treasure these sights and sounds always.

The bus driver told us a joke that is worth repeating. Allegedly in Montana there are 5 males for every female (human). They say if a man doesn’t loose his girlfriend he looses his turn, because there are 5 other man standing in line waiting to treat her better than he just did. I told this to Mr. Husband as soon as I got home. His reply was “well we’re not in Montana.” I love him for his sense of humor, but sometimes I wish he wasn’t so quit witted. Ciao for now.

Pictures below, enjoy.

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  1. One of my best memories with my mom is sitting on the balcony of the Old Faithful Lodge and drinking a margarita and watching old faithful blow its top. your blog brought back all those good memories.

    1. Memory lane is a charming street. Glad you enjoyed.

  2. Great posts about your trip. And I love the pics too. Glad you two are having a great time and ticking off the bucket list.

  3. Terrific photos! It really IS yellow!

    1. It’s from the iron in the soil.

  4. What a wonderful post. I’ve always wanted to visit Yellowstone. Good to know I shouldn’t jump in that spring when I do. Yikes!
    Glad you had such a delightful day!

    1. Glad you enjoyed. I hope you do visit the park. You won’t regret it.

  5. I’ve said it before, “Awesome”!

    1. I just love this park. Want to drag Mr. Husband there soon 🙂

      1. Ooh, ooh… wait til next year! I’m trying to organise Mr HOT to take for a trip through the great northwest cos even though I’ve been to 3/4 of the states – they are the ones I never got to… We are thinking March-April… TBC… OF course there will be NO tents involved!

        And you’ve got me all excited – I was just wandering around Yellowstone on Google maps… I’ll be the person with a camera where the face usually is…

      2. hehe… March might be cutting it close if the weather doesn’t cooperate. I bet I will recognize your camera face

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