The Witching Hour – Part Deaux

Well ladies and gentlemens. I got my hand slapped for committing an internet atrocity called hotlinking on a post from a few days ago. The Witching Hour. Turns out the picture wasn’t even owned by the website that crabbed at me. They were ticked off that I stole their bandwidth. Sounds really uncomfortable, like a virtual wedgie or something like that.

Really liked the picture so I purchased it. With my very own plastic money. A 9 by 12 matted print which will hang in my bathroom. I can have a good laugh looking at whenever contemplating my sins while soaking in a bubble bath.

The artist of the picture is Jason Engle and his work is available at I love Deviant pictures. Some of it is dark and very much not mainstream. This is the picture that caught my eye.

The Witching Hour -

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  1. Touchy buggers, aren’t they?
    Great post, though.

  2. Yay for Deviant Art! So many great resources there… I belong, but have never uploaded anything. I really should. I should add it to my list of shoulds… as soon as I have time… (But seriously, I love Deviant Art.)

    1. LOL. You should not should on yourself. Let me know when you do put some prints on Deviant. I’m curious which of your pictures you consider deviant 🙂

      1. I would hope all of them are to some degree – but I suppose there are a few that are quite ordinary. ;-}

      2. Quite ordinary is not how I would describe your pictures.

  3. Such silliness. Bandwidth theft? How does one steal bandwidth? I’d like to be sure I don’t accidently make the same mistake.

    1. Well it can be done. Like people who hook up to other peoples wifi without their permission and make huge downloads. It slows up the wife…er I mean wifi

      1. I am notoriously guilty of this while travelling. Hotels can charge up to $25 a day for internet access! I’m perfectly fine swiping a little random wifi out of the aether…

        But I’ve never downloaded large files with it… That seems morally reprehensible.

        And… I’ve got wifi in my house, so if someone pulls into my driveway, they can help themselves. Fair is fair…

      2. Dunno is it stealing if it’s free? On my trip last month I stayed at a hotel whose billboard said “free wifi.” Silly me, I thought free wifi meant free. No they wanted $5.99 for it. I declined, went to my room and hopped on the wifi. They didn’t think to password it. ha ha ha. I love getting the last laugh.

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