Are You In the Mood?

Over dinner the other night a friend asked “are you in the mood yet?” Uh, excuse me? “You know, the Christmas mood.” OOOooo. I thought about for a minute and it hit me. No I’m not…yet. Then I felt a pang of guilt. Uh oh, I shoulded on myself again. I should be in the Christmas mood. I’m in a fine mood just not that particular mood. As I’ve said in a previous musing. I think should is a four letter word.

I’m going to examine this more closely, by cracky. Being of a Catholic bent in religious leanings, I’m in an Advent kinda mood. Introspective and examining my good will towards men or the occasional lack there of. A period of peaceful winter darkness and waiting for the wonderful to occur. Christmas always started for me at the midnight mass on Christmas eve. I never liked the day after Thanksgiving rush of the lemmings to the local mall or bargain warehouse.

I think the media about the “state of the economy” and the advertizing industry have backed themselves into a pickle this year. Do you feel torn between 2 opposing minds sets? I sure do. On the one hand there is the “we’re all broke and it’s only gonna get worse” camp. On the other there is the “Spend, spend, spend till it hurts” camp. Is there a middle ground? I hope so. I waited too late to make everyone a scarf, maybe I’ll make fudge for everyone, or Bourbon balls. Yeah, that sounds like fun. I can cook and get tipsy at the same time. Yeah buddy, now we’re talking.

And of course every year, there are the people who keep score. You got me this last year so I’m obligated to give you that this year. You didn’t get me anything last year so I’m gonna be pissed off all year and not give you anything this year and tell you, in front of everyone, why I’m not. Bah humbug. Where is the Christmas spirit in that?

This Christmas and every Christmas, I still love Mr. Husband to death. However, every year I go though canniptions trying to figure out what to get him for Christmas. He truly is the man who has everything. If he wants something he gets it. End of story. If he doesn’t have it it’s because he doesn’t want it. Not to worry I’ll figure something out. But I hope he knows that for me, he is my best present for any occasion. I enjoy our time together more than any thing that comes in or out of a box.

Advent Prayer of the Day:

Let me raise my voice

With new courage and deep joy

to give you praise with my life.

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  1. Great opening, young lady!

  2. Christmas is a bit odd around here. I’m an atheist, my husband is Muslim, my oldest daughter and her husband are Pagans (Wiccans)……………….

    1. No kidding. Must be an alternate adventure. Do you have some kind of family get together in December?

      1. Oh of course we do. And the kids want to know if Santa is going to bring them a present…………. the joys of assimilation! 😆

  3. Somehow I just can’t get into the mood this year though I’m trying really hard. The tree is up and the decs and there’s 10 days to go and there are drinks parties, been and planned, and their are visitors coming and rooms to prepare and shopping to do and it’s cold and windy outside and the shops keep playing the annual crap and……. nope nothing happenin’. I don’t want to wish my life away but I wish I was rich enough to follow the sun around the globe all year. That would do me. ( I can hear you all going “Bah, Humbug !” )

    1. Ah don’t force it. I find that I can’t stand weeks and weeks of a same mood. Mine usually hits me the week of Christmas. Which is as should be. So sayeth I. In the meantime I do my own thing.

  4. Mr HOT and I get ourselves a mutual gift for Christmas, I guess it’s a way of honouring our ‘us-ness’ instead of our ‘me-nesses’. Sometimes a holiday, this year it’s new studio lights for photography. We do the full-on family thing every other year – this is the year we do the tree and lights and dinner with everyone we know in NZ who is even kind of related… Those who get presents, generally get something from Mr HOT’s business or a gift of photography… But we never ever go to the mall to buy a present… I shudder at the mere thought of shuffling through the teeming teemers to buy crap I don’t like and don’t want to waste money on…
    I am also from Catholic origins – and after I got over my youthful horror of Jehovah’s Witnesses not giving presents at Christmas time – I realised they were onto something – give the people you love a present any time, because you love them, because you came across the perfect little thing you thought they’d love – and give it to them then and share the moment…
    But daughter and I will be chortling xmas carols at the top of our lungs as we make our traditional chocolate bikkies and truffles and fudge on Friday… I AM in the mood…

    1. I like the idea of an “us-ness” gift 🙂 What is a bikkie?

      1. my mind slips from time to time, waxing between two worlds… a bikkie is a biscuit which is a cookie. What you call a biscuit is a scone, which is pronounced ‘scon’ with a soft ‘o’ in these parts…

        Folks down under seem to have ‘cutified’ many words, so you will hear a grown man describing his ‘chrissie pressies’ (xmas presents) and people named Barry are called Bazza… it can get very confusing, but no worries, she’ll be right…

      2. Cookies are good no matter what they are called 🙂

  5. I’m definitely in the mood, and I finally finished shopping for my partner this morning, the woman who has everything, but is still easy to shop for. Strange, isn’t it? Happy holidays!

    1. Sounds wonderful 🙂 Happy Holidays to you too!

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