Bureaucracy at Work

Bureaucracy at WorkWhen bureaucracy  is at work the wheels grind slowly. It was 2 years in December that Mr. Husband’s father passed away. It’s incredible and painful process to get him out the system. He still gets tons of mail. Voters registration renewal, pleas for charitable donations.

The last straw for Mr. Husband’s mother was getting a jury summons for her deceased husband. She was pretty upset and outraged. My husband suggested that we lend her my grand mother urn of ashes and that she go to the courthouse and plunk them down. She would hold it up in the air and say present at roll call.

She’s not going for it. I volunteered to do it for her. But she didn’t like that either. I guess Grandma’s ashes will stay safe in my Amoire.

Just trying to get a name change in the system these days is a nightmare. I can’t imagine how ridiculous it gets when the person is deceased.  When I changed my name to my married name it took 2 days off from work. Also an act of congress, a trip to the courthouse, trip to the motor vehicles bureau, the social security office, and then the insurance cards for health and car insurance.

And the passport oh my GOD. Major pain in the rear.  It is so difficult to get a name changed on a passport that I still have my married surname from my first marriage on there. It’s embarrassing. I’ve tried changing several times and every time they come up with another document I’m supposed to have. With all this homeland security going around I feel sorry for women who have to change their name because of marriage or divorce.

I remember when your name was what you said it was. We got to choose and all we had to do to change it when we married was just tell them. Easy Peezy.  All the kooks and madmen running around changing their names to perform heinous nefarious deeds is starting to annoy me I say.  Y’all just stop it OK?

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  1. …and how we poke fun at those countries whose bureaucracy creaks forward…

  2. The wheels move sloooowly, right? If they move at all!

    1. they are frequently stuck in the mud

  3. I have a very clear picture of you waving Grandma’s urn in front of a judge while yelling at His/Her Honor. Love it!

    1. hehe….His honor might not be amused…but so what?

  4. I know exactly what you are on about! Drives me nuts too! We are supposed to get all our bills in two names for DIAC for the final visa grant. So far, despite what seems like millions of phone calls and plenty of “Yes, it is done” responses, the damn phone bill is STILL arriving in my name only.

    My passport wasn’t too bad, but I needed a mountain of paperwork, including every marriage and divorce certificate.

    1. My heart goes out to you. It is so frustrating.

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